Dredg - Chuckles And Mr. Squeezy
25 April 2011

01. Another Tribe
02. Upon Returning
03. The Tent
04. Somebody Is Laughing
05. Down Without A Fight
06. The Ornament
07. The Thought Of Losing You
08. Kalathat
09. Sun Goes Down
10. Where I'll End Up
11. Before It Began

"I've forgotten how to smile..."

Prior to release, updates about Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy progressively seemed more and more troublesome. There was the goofy title, the influence of producer Dan The Automator, and the description of the album having a "Dark Pop" sound. When it finally came time to listen, early judgments confirmed the worst. The band that had produced an art-rock masterpiece like El Cielo was nowhere to be found. The songs were very synthetic, slowly eating away at my insides like an ulcer with every poppy electronic noise. However, there was something intriguing about the songs that kept drawing me back for further listening. Within the apparent mediocrity were haunting melodies that wormed their way inside my ears and stayed there.

Looking back at the updates, the music sounds exactly as it was described, "Dark Pop". There were never claims that this was a continuation of some thematic element from a previous album. As stated: "this album is completely different from everything dredg have ever done before." One cannot fault them for wanting to branch out musically. Even if it has entered a less desirable realm, they deserve credit for being honest about the change and standing behind their work.

Considering the fluctuation in my opinion about this album, I will simply not give a scale rating. I would recommend this to non-fans who enjoy inoffensive, catchy music in the alternative rock spectrum (Gorillaz, Beck, Fair to Midland). For fans of the band's prior work, I wouldn't recommend acknowledging this one unless you find the melodies worthwhile enough to stick around for repeat listens.

"Here we go, go again
Following all the trends
It's become an obsession
Yeah, it's time to accept it"

Band profile: Dredg
Album: Chuckles And Mr. Squeezy


written by Introspekrieg | 06.07.2011

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Troy Killjoy - 06.07.2011 at 18:09  
I was wondering what you were going to review...nicely done, although I have absolutely no interest in the band. Just here to compliment the review.
Darkside Momo - 06.07.2011 at 18:58  
Indeed, it was about time you wrote another one!
Ag Fox - 06.07.2011 at 19:06  
I'm not too familiar with their back catalogue other then El Cielo, but yes, kinda poppy with a dark vibe. well done indeed
BloodTears - 06.07.2011 at 19:20  
I'm still yet to listen to this one, I guess the whole "negativism" towards it put me off. But who knows, I might even enjoy it. I know I'll give it a go at some point. Also, I never heard anything from this band, so not sure if it is the right place to start.

Cheers for your review
Mikyz - 06.07.2011 at 19:52  
This album blows, it's a freaking shame. They gave Dan the Automator some space to work but ruined the album in return, this is boring.
trenticle - 07.07.2011 at 06:40  
Not metal. Pretty cool experimental rock.
DoomGuild - 09.07.2011 at 18:34  
Their worst album to date.
Way way way to poppy with a strong mainstream style to it. Nothing like their old albums. Figures that Dan would fuck this up.
BloodTears - 01.08.2011 at 00:02  
It's funny. I also have mixed feelings about this album, I guess it does that to people. I love a lot of songs in it and some others are just forgettable. "The Ornament" is my favourite song, but the album kinda dies after that one.
neonxaos - 12.10.2011 at 21:36  
I know this is unrelated, but I would like to object to the statement that Fair to Midland play "inoffensive, catchy music in the alternative rock spectrum". I think they are the absolute masters of the proggy post metal scene.
Introspekrieg - 12.10.2011 at 21:52  
Written by neonxaos on 12.10.2011 at 21:36

I know this is unrelated, but I would like to object to the statement that Fair to Midland play "inoffensive, catchy music in the alternative rock spectrum". I think they are the absolute masters of the proggy post metal scene.

Yeah, looking back it was a stupid comparison. I really meant "music my girlfriend likes"

I love Fair To Midland, but I have yet to meet a person who doesn't like them. With how good their music is, I can see why. (But I don't see how they would be considered post metal)
neonxaos - 13.10.2011 at 00:14  
The post metal comment is mostly related to the latest album, but maybe I am the only one thinking that They do have things in common with Dredg, though, so mentioning them is perfectly fair. I just find their latest album very impressive, complex and layered, so I guess I got a little defensive there.

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