Hatesphere - The Killing EP review


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Band: Hatesphere
Album: The Killing EP
Release date: 2005

01. Murderous Intent
02. You're The Enemy
03. The Will Of 6od
04. Trip At The Brain

Coming from Denmark, Hatesphere is one of the leaders of the Metal scene of this country. Since 1993 now, the combo plays its really aggressive Thrash metal mixed by the influences of Swedish Gothenburg Death, and we have the luck today, to listen to this new EP, "The Killing EP", which will be a perfect means to wait in music, the new album of the band which will be released this spring.

Only four songs with three original new ones and a cover, of the mythic Bay-Area band Suicidal Tendencies, "Trip At The Brain". I'm not sure if we will find all these three songs in the new album, but I know that it will be in the same spirit as this EP. I like the music of Hatesphere because if we can compare it to the Gothenburg Death Metal that we all know, there is something in addition, this Thrash Metal aspect in the music. In fact Hatesphere is a band of Melodic Death on a side, but also a Thrash Metal band on the other side, every songs is flirting with the this two Metal styles. That's not a surprise if we have this really good cover [a bit heavier than the original] of ST, because Hatesphere is linked to this kind of bands, they have the same musical spirit.
The other songs which are a real introduction to the upcoming album are all very good, hyper violent and aggressive with a fast tempo due to the blast of the drums, but also with some melodic and catchy killers riffs… No solo, and that's a bit a shame because we have the proof that the guitarists are able to do it on "Trip At The Brain", and it could be a good thing to add some disarticulated and complex solo in the pure Thrash spirit. In my opinion it could give some more originality to the band.
But anyway, this is only an EP, we could see the result of all the work of the band on their new album later this year. But when I see the really good production plus the quality of the four songs, I can only say that I will wait their new album impatiently, and if it was the job of this EP to give this feeling, then it did it perfectly.

Hatesphere is a really good band which deserves success. That's not easy to mix the Scandinavian Melodic Death with the US Thrash Metal, but they know how to do it and when I listen to this EP, I only want more. I'm happy to see them soon on the Kreator Tour, then if you can't go to the show like me, at least you should buy this EP which will give you a good introduction to the music of the band. We only want the new album now…

Written by Jeff | 30.06.2005


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