Deadend In Venice - See You On The Ground review


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Band: Deadend In Venice
Album: See You On The Ground
Release date: June 2011

01. Hate Sweet Hate
02. Personal Decay
03. Brain Execution
04. Long Way Home
05. War
06. Last Chances
07. The Monkey In My Closet
08. Dirt Little Princess
09. Tomorrow Never Comes

Melodeath is a hard type of music to pull off. Scratch that, melodeath is a hard type of music to pull off right. It's easy to make boring melodeath and still have it sound decent on the surface before any further investigation. Deadend In Venice manage to fall victim to all the things that can plague any type of band trying to play this music. The effort is there, but this ain't bumble-bee league soccer, I don't hand out trophies for being a good sport and trying your hardest.

You know how some albums sound weak on first listen, then get more likable the more time you give it? I believe they call those growers. Well, I guess you could say See You On The Ground is a shrinker. Pretty cool upon the first listen or two, then becomes more flat the more you listen to it. The female clean singing/death growl dual-vocal dynamic is always something cool to hear, unfortunately it does little to make this album anything beyond an average listen.

It's difficult whether to say whether or not the material itself is weak, or the production is. There definitely seems to be some cool ideas firing around every now and then, unfortunately, as a whole, Deadend In Venice seem to lack any sort of kick to their music. Very rarely does anything soar, charge or put the hammer down. Above all else, it sounds extremely condensed, both in sound quality, and song writing.

See You On The Ground is definitely is worth checking out, it does have it's fair share of promising moments, just don't expect any type of wrecking ball here.


Written on 19.07.2011 by Former EIC. Now just a reviewer guy.


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19.07.2011 - 09:54
Pyramid God
Not terrible, definitely not good, the very definition of generic. The review is spot on.

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