The Massacre Must Begin - The Massacre Must Begin review

Band: The Massacre Must Begin
Album: The Massacre Must Begin
Release date: 2010

01. Terror
02. ¿Dios?
03. Sintomas De Muerte
04. D.A.A.F. (Dependientes a la Auto-Flagelacion)
05. Mi Autopsia
06. Odio
07. Niños Perdidos
08. Masacre
09. Estigmata
10. Angel Necrofago
11. Coma
12. Maldito Sea Tu Nombre [bonus]
13. ¿ Dios ? [Guinea Remix] [bonus]

I've been consuming as much metal as my ears can handle nowadays, and most of it is really fucking good. (Except for that piece of crap new album by Morbid Angel of course, damn those guys! I hope they get decapitated with safety scissors... anyway... where were we?). And so, after many spins of many different albums, I decided to give this "reviewing" thing a chance again and decided to write a few words, starting of course with a brutal band from my own country, Mexico. (Hell yeah bitches!)

I had my fair shot of The Massacre Must Begin with their EP Sentimientos Inminentes de Muerte, which was actually the same pack of tracks we now find in their debut full length (minus four cuts though)... but damn! These guys improved big time.

First off, the production is ten times bigger than what we heard in their first piece, all the instruments burst directly inside our eardrums as if we were hearing the band playing right in front of us, so, kudos for the sound indeed. There's also four new tracks to digest, my favorite being "Mi Autopsia"... hearing a guy screaming his lungs out to the lyrics of this song (if you understand Spanish that is) is a blatant kick in the nuts for sure. So now let's cut right to the chase…

The Massacre Must Begin plays a very intense style of death metal, meaning they throw many grindcore elements here and there; they chose dual vocals as a perky stomp, which I'm not very fond of to be completely honest, but they exploit this feature quite well actually (you'll clearly hear this in the song "Estigmata"); in the end it's quite interesting how they use each vocal tone throughout the album, mostly because their music is highlighted noticeably by the vocals and the drumming, yes, the guitar riffs are brutally solid and the bass-lines are... well... bass-lines... but you can't help to realize that in most parts the whole punch of each song is driven by the vocals and the drums... which tosses us towards another topic... the songwriting.

Music-wise the band delivers the goods aplenty, there's a fair amount of breakdowns and twists to realize these guys know what they're doing, I know this style of death/grind comes as straightforward as a machine gun ripping people in half, and as I really appreciate the glimpses of clean bass-lines in "Niños Perdidos" and the catchy guitar breakdowns in "Terror", I think a couple of guitar solos or more complex structures could fit in the mix. I'm not saying I want virtuoso music inside my share of grindcore…but I wouldn't mind a few surprises, you see?

All in all this CD is a breath of fresh air in a contemporary Mexican scene where most bands play either porn, ultra-gore or lame ass death metal (hello Tenderizer), so you should give The Massacre Must Begin a try, you won't be disappointed I can promise you that.

Written by Herzebeth | 06.08.2011


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