Capharnaum - Fractured review


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Band: Capharnaum
Album: Fractured
Release date: 2004

01. Ingrained
02. Fractured
03. Perpetual Catatonia
04. Machines
05. Icon Of Malice
06. Reigns Of Humanity
07. The Scourge Trial
08. Refusal

Just let me start by saying…this is how Technical Death Metal should sound. I am very pleased with this album, is actually one of the best records I've listened to in quite a while.

"Fractured" comes wrapped with the best technical music we can get, the most amazing solos and leads; unusual vocals which offer a great aggressive atmosphere throughout the CD; shivering pauses where bass-lines appear only to blast our brains out; and some of the most spectacular drum work in metal history.

The album starts with a nice fade-in intro, quite slow and a little weak for my taste but hell, what's next is just overwhelming. The song "Ingrained" starts with the drums pounding along with very catchy guitar riffs; this particular song goes by smoothly through the speakers. Next is "Fractured" which is the best song on this album. It is somehow attached to the first tune; it starts with the catchiest and technical intro, then when everything comes into its own with a trembling pause we can feel the aggression igniting the atmosphere (0:17). We can appreciate a lot of technical bridges and obligatory riffs, the first one gives a great twist in the whole tune (1:17) and creates a sort of middle intro for the next interweave (1:40). We can also appreciate one of the most spectacular Capharnaum leads (2:05), this solo stretches for almost an entire minute).

The production is incredibly clean most of the time. With most Death Metal bands the bass-lines sound too and are almost impossible to hear. Not this time, the bass actually sounds loud and clear (this really says a lot about the production believe me). Another splendid part where we can appreciate not only the good production but the enormous talent of this band, is in the last track called "Refusal." It's almost a normal opening except for that incredible bass solo in the beginning (0:16); everything goes by efficiently for 3 minutes or so…then it starts to sound really weird (in a good way), irregular timing all over the place, technicality as it's best, chilling come backs, a must hear indeed.

This album is for everyone in love with Technical Death Metal, I can assure a blasting experience and even some "what the fuck is that…" reactions.

Recommended if you like: Quo Vadis, Sceptic, Gorgasm.

Written by Herzebeth | 05.07.2005



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07.10.2006 - 01:35
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I agree. This album is a definite must-hear for anyone who loves technical death metal. Yes, we all know that Matt Heafy is on there, but this time around, his vocals are actually GOOD and fit perfectly with the music being played. Not only that, but I must say that this album has some of the best solo work I have ever heard.

Also of interest: If you adored this album, then you might be interested in guitarist Jason Suecof's avant garde power/death/comedy metal side project, Crotchduster. Not only is the band as technical as Capharnaum, but they also add some great humor to the music as well.
12.01.2008 - 10:20
9.9? its a good album... different... thats what makes a good album... maybe just an 8.0 tho... but its whatever you like.


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