Aborted - The Archaic Abattoir
17 April 2005

01. Dead Wreckoning
02. Blood Fixing The Bled
03. Gestated Rabidity
04. Hecatomb
05. The Gangrenous Epitaph
06. The Inertia
07. A Cold Logistic Slaughter
08. Voracious Haemoglobinic Syndrome
09. Threading On Vermillion Deception
10. Descend To Extirpation
11. The Sanctification Of Refornication [bonus]
12. Drowned [Entombed cover] [bonus]

The Archaic Abattoir FAQ:

1.First of all… are the myths true? Is Aborted turning into a Metalcore band? Because they used to be one of the most brutal bands out there.

H= Well, Metalcore is like the new popular trend this days, yes this band used to be Brutal Death Metal, and I do not find Metalcore music in "The Archaic Abattoir," but I do find a lot of Melodic Death Metal Riffs with few Metalcore overtones.

2. Can you please explain?

H= Ok, the album has a lot of changes here and there, it's a sure thing you won't hear any of the band's old riffs, this time there's only very catchy melodies, and average drumming. (Even the audio clips changed from "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" to "American Psycho.")

A good example of this atrocity is the 6th track. If you are an Aborted fan avoid this song, and if you already bought this album just skip "The Inertia." The song starts with a pure Gothenburg riff (it sounds like In Flames I swear) then the drummer appears with a really awful double-bass beat and the guitarist starts making riffs similar to "The Black Dahlia Murder." This song is outrageous, yes there's a guitar solo in the middle (2:06) but it's so damn plain and simple, the band took their aggressiveness and turned it into tediousness.

3. But there must me something good with this album; the band's popularity grew strong since the release of "The Archaic Abattoir" right?

H= Yes Aborted is now a very popular band indeed, but selling a lot of albums does not mean they are good. But there are some nice songs in this CD of course.

"Hecatomb" is a track with a lot of Brutal Riffs. Even though the Melodic Death Parts are still there (0:32) this track is actually enjoyable, and when the song starts with the actual brutality (1:15) it sounds just as the old Aborted, rapid drumming, insane riffing, aggressive growls, and marvelous music in general. Even the catchy riffing sounds aggressive (1:45), and we can also hear a really incredible bridge with layers (2:10), so this song is really breathtaking.

4. I've heard the album, I still think Aborted is one of the most brutal and destructive bands out there.

H= well that's only because you're stupid (no offense)…yes the music is somehow aggressive, but in the "Dark Tranquility" way. Unfortunately, Aborted is no longer Brutal Death Metal, the music has all the characteristics of a Melodic Death Metal band, stretched riffs, layered bridges, melodic rhythm, extended lines and average drumming (the worst part is when the drummer tries to mix Brutal beats with Melodic strikes, the result is shameful believe me).

Let me also clear things up. I am not against Gothenburg sound and I do not despise or hate Melodic Death Metal, I like bands like In Flames and Dark Tranquility, but it's truly awful when a really good band goes from Brutal Death to plain Melodic Death Metal.

Band profile: Aborted
Album: The Archaic Abattoir


written by Herzebeth | 07.07.2005


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RazorOfTheLight - 13.09.2006 at 10:58  
Dood a 6 is harsh. This is better than alot of bands I listen to... Yet again it was the first CD I heard by them...
Dangerboner - 14.09.2006 at 03:28  
I like this album on my sound system, but on headphones I think it sucks. They produced it well, but I don't like the songwriting.
Necrovore - 24.02.2007 at 20:57  
The review reeks of personal dislike rather than any pretense of objectivity. It's one thing to claim that the band has lost its edge or watered down its style, but it's quite another to liken the atmosphere or quality of the brutality on The Archaic Abattoir to Dark Tranquillity. Sure, The Inertia is a poor song that doesn't fit the Aborted sound (finding a less egregious counterpart in the song Avenious on Slaughter & Apparatus), but it's a highly distinct departure from the rest of the album. Blood Fixing The Bled is a great example of how they mixed speeds to add weight and variety without sacrificing brutality.
lenesu - 21.07.2008 at 20:08  
This band is a comercial parody on death metal. No offence but itsounds like MTV.
Sunioj - 21.07.2008 at 20:52  
Terrible album.
danielllewis - 26.08.2009 at 06:40  
"Let me also clear things up. I am not against Gothenburg sound and I do not despise or hate Melodic Death Metal, I like bands like In Flames and Dark Tranquility, but it's truly awful when a really good band goes from Brutal Death to plain Melodic Death Metal."

I completely agree

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