Carcariass - Hell On Earth review


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Band: Carcariass
Album: Hell On Earth
Release date: 1997

01. Hell On Earth
02. To Be With You... In Your Grave
03. Dream Of Space
04. Carcariass
05. Children Slave
06. Brain Dead
07. Post Combustion
08. Extreme Flatulence
09. Hopeless

This French band really knows the shit, Technical Death Metal with some Thrash Metal Riffs and solos, Incredible songs (except for the 5th track "Children Slave" the only dry song in Hell On Earth) This debut really demonstrates how good this band is, and how good they will be (I am looking forward to get "Sideral Torment" and "Killing Process").

Anyway now for the album, Hell On Earth is an album with a lot of inventive, and most of all brilliant music, the first two tracks "Hell On Earth" and "To Be With You…In Your Grave" are attached, Hell On Earth is like a overture for the entire album, this first two songs are by far the best tracks in this album, Brutal Catchy riffs (not good solos, but !hey¡ at least they try…), The bass-lines are infamous (you should hear the cleanliness of that bass man so you could understand) and the drums, Oh My God the drums, that irregular tempo obligates the other instruments to go from Ultra fast, to measured, then ultra super fast, to just fast, and then slow and so on, this is one of the most genius things I've heard in this particular genre.

Which gets me to the next point, the production, let me tell you, to be an independent band with this sound, is a huge achievement(now they are with Adipocere records), is like being a boozehound but with a lot of babes and hot models, Carcariass polished their sound incredibly well, most independent bands from this time would like to have "Hell On Earth" sound, and dudes believe me this album was recorded in 1997 so I am telling you, this album sounds clean, very clean,

The songs are 5 to 6 minutes long, 5 minutes of pure exorbitant music, let's take the song "Brain Dead" for example, this song starts with a very catchy riff, the insane double-bass starts, the crazy bass-lines begin hammering your ears like a drill, so the song initiates, then when you think "…o man this is the most brutal song I've heard…" the song starts to get unhurried, everything is calm (except for the vocals that are always angry like a rabid dog) and then when you think you're safe, again the drilling, violent music attacks with no advice, you start to head bang like a total freak, and that's how the song ends, drilling your fucking brains out.

This band is unfortunately not well recognized or known in the metal scene, but they have a lot to give, a lot to present, music far beyond our awareness, Extreme music with some incredible things all over, (mostly thrash elements, hear the "hopeless" solo, or the riff in "Post Combustion" and you'll see what am I talking about) a great band with incredible concept, ok "Extreme Flatulence" is not a great concept, I admit a song about farts is just funny, not conceptual, but that's exactly the greatest thing, Carcariass is versatile, flexible in their music, one of the best bands in the extreme brutal scene for sure.

Note: the entire album is free online, in the official web page of Carcariass.

Written by Herzebeth | 18.07.2005



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19.09.2006 - 13:43
One of the best technica DM albums I've heard. Respect !!
20.09.2006 - 02:26
I'd have to say that Sideral Torment is slightly better, but this album still owns.

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