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Band: Deinonychus
Album: Insomnia
Release date: September 2004

01. Nightfall Guides Insomnia To An Everlasting Mental Torture, With This Being The Consequence
02. We Have Uncovered A Question And Now We Must Unearth The Answer
03. To Diagnose The Fortunes Of Paranoia Consuming Consciousness And Sanity
04. Long I Feared That My Sins Would Return To Visit Me, And The Cost Is More Than I Can Bear
05. Reasons To Open Your Eyelids And Awake The Apocalypse Iris Is Telling You

Marco Kehren, the genius mind and main figure behind Deinonychus, after the utterly emotional doom/dark metal opus bearing the name "Mournument" (it is indeed a monument of mourning), choose to move in more straight-to-your face doom/death metal soundscapes with their latest release, "Insomnia". Melodic/atmospheric moments of utter bleakness make their appearance at times, but they aren't that many, harmonizing in a wonderful way with the emotional outbursts expressing pain and inner bleeding through anger; jut stare at the claustrophobic lethargic cover of the album and you'll get what I mean.

The lyrics are written in a poetic from the heart way dealing with painful spiritual situations dancing with your demons, flirting with your nightmares, caressing the knives of release, kissing the razor of hypocrisy; lyrics expressed in the most descriptive way by Marco Kehren whose grunts penetrate your soul so deep inside leaving scars hard to be healed. He's definitely one of those interpreters that live their lyrics and it is easy to realize it while listening to him grunting, screaming in a desperate way spitting poison from within. Let "Insomnia" unfold its distressing melodies…

Darkness falls with "Nightfall Guides Insomnia…" and the slow mourning guitar riffing harmonizes wonderfully with the imposing rhythm section and some keyboard melodies floating here and there evoking a feeling of dismay in the air; no need to say that Kehren's grunts sound utterly descriptive, rising from within. "We Have Uncovered…" follows and shadows start dancing macabre around you as the slow guitar riffing invites them to dance inside the unbreakable four walls that the nocturnal rhythm section creates, shadows summoned by Marco Kehren's exceptional grunting voice. The song flows in a mourning way until an emotional outburst with raging guitar riffing and chanting vocals enter to lead to an imposing ultra slow ending reaching after 10 minutes of bleakness to "To Diagnose…" Visions of anger and dismay, of paranoia in solitude, come to life in front of the very eyes of the listener as this brilliant composition echos in the darkened room. Marco Kehren's voice ranges from deep ecstatic grunts to desperate almost-crying screams depending on the rhythm the song flows and the emotional charge of the lyrics drowning you in a claustrophobic world of bitterness. "Paranoia takes me…"

…and "Long I feared that my sins would return to visit me, and the cost is more that I can bear" starts echoing in the death-like silence as bitter memories, "sins", of the past return to life. Believe me, the feeling that this song evokes is exactly the same as the meaning of its title. The slow bleeding guitar riffing and some morbid keyboard melodies evoke a bitter atmosphere enriched by Kehren's superb and utterly descriptive vocals taking you in another world where there's just you and your past with all the joyful memories erased. The ending theme of this nightmare experience is "Reasons to Open…" combining in a wonderful way melody and aggression, yet always remaining groovy and imposing, with Kehren sounding stunning for one more time with his awesome grunts.

"Insomnia" is one of those albums that need many auditions to realize how great it is and how much it has to offer to the listener. Close your eyes, pay attention and let its melodies travel you in a traumatic world…


Written on 19.07.2005 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."

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