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Band: Dalriada
Album: Ígéret
Release date: February 2011

01. Intro
02. Hajdútánc (Hajdú Dance)
03. Hozd El, Isten (May God Bring It To Us)
04. Mennyei Harang (Heavenly Bell)
05. Ígéret (Promise)
06. Igazi Tûz (True Fire)
07. Kinizsi Mulatsága (Kinizsi's Revelry)
08. A Hadak Útja (The Way Of Warriors)
09. Leszek A Csillag (I'll Be The Star)
10. Leszek A Hold (I'll Be The Moon) [feat. Jonne Järvelä]
11. Outro

Dalriada has evidently begun an experimental stage with Ígéret, perhaps with good timing, though. Their sound appears to be expanding in one aspect through the increased presence of folk instrumentation similar to Finntroll's use of accordion and violin leads. Also, an addition of a slightly dark and heavier sounds characterised by deep growls, even including a trollish chant in "Leszek A Hold" and "Outro", with slow harsh drum beats bring a darker aurora. "A Hadak Útja" is a song where the new sound becomes more evident. This track starts with a heavy and ominous drum sequence, creating an impression as if one had switched to another band by accident. The guitars enter with a slow melodic styling that are not so dissimilar to Amon Amarth. By the time the low growls come in one might almost become convinced this music doesn't represent epic folk metal at all. As you fall into the beat's heavy trance and begin to grow smitten, you suddenly emerge into the idiosyncratic styling from the previous albums that many have become accustomed to. When you start to think you have regained your grounding, get ready to be swept in to a rising melodic solo; foreign in its own right. Do not fear they are about to blend in with some of the more mainstream folk metal bands... yet. When one hears this album, all elements of the unique Dalriada style appear strong.

It might be said that some of the power metal style leads can break the listener away from the magic. While listening to older albums I find myself in another world, which is the mark of good folk metal for me. Too much change suddenly can leave one with a feeling of being alienated to some degree. This is part of the experimental stage. One must expect this from a band who has released beautiful solid albums, but have not really stretched out. At times there is, perhaps, a feeling of emulation of other band's styles. This album's new sound can leave a bitter taste, especially for those who may prefer listening to the previously more vocal lead albums. The darker tones, strong folk instrumental leads and deeper growling really round this album out into an interesting and complete package in the end. All while retaining the same classic Dalriada sound. This album brings promise of a future for Dalriada. Albums to come are sure to solidify some of this new style. Ígéret is an album I advise Dalriada fans to pick up to taste the change for themselves.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 10
Originality: 7
Production: 10

Written by DeicidalHeathen | 12.10.2011


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12.10.2011 - 20:28
Fils du Lys
This album didn't really impress me all that much. There are some interesting things in there, but most songs (or entire sections of the abum stretching for two or three tunes) are plain boring. Hadjutanc, Leszek A Csilag and the title track are the only tracks I really enjoyed, which is extremely disappointing from a band that made the addictive Szelek...
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