Mithras - Time Never Lasts review


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Band: Mithras
Album: Time Never Lasts
Release date: September 2011

01. Time Never Lasts
02. Inside The Godmind
03. Tomb Of Kings [live]
04. Wrath Of God [live]
05. Beyond The Eyes Of Man [live]

Since the band's last album Behind The Shadows Lie Madness four years ago, Mithras dabbled in the live environment - first with the original voice of Mithras Rayner Cross, and then with ex-Berzerker Sam Bean taking vocal and bass duties. Now with the original duo of Leon and Rayner together again, Time Never Lasts is a half-hour look into the future and the past of the band.

The two new songs are a stark reminder of the sheer force and power Mithras bring with them. Stylistically and sound-wise, these songs wouldn't be out of place on Behind The Shadows... as the band show no signs of rust. "Time Never Lasts" is a more typical Mithras song with Leon's signature space-like guitar sound alongside Rayner's thunderous vocals, backed up with total annihilation of the drum kit. "Inside The Godmind" is a tale of two stories, as the first half offers an absolutely blinding blast-off into hyperspace with face-melting riff and a superhuman effort behind the drums. After this initial explosion, the song unfortunately drifts off into nothingness with no real purpose.

The remaining three tracks are older songs recorded from the band's headlining London show in 2008, with Rayner still fronting the band at this point. Captured wonderfully, these songs show off the band's live capabilities with Ben White behind the drum kit alongside the Mithras duo. The atmospheric "Beyond The Eyes Of Man" shines brightest, but all three live tracks along with the two new songs make for a concise and enjoyable EP that wets the appetite for the things to come. Mithras are one of the UK's top extreme metal bands, and with Time Never Lasts have just given us all a subtle reminder to that fact.


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19.10.2011 - 19:33
Baz Anderson
Here's a preview video for the EP - link
and the live video of "Tomb Of Kings" from this EP - link
19.10.2011 - 20:12
Ag Fox
Angel No More
I want a full length instead lol
loves 小巫
19.10.2011 - 20:57
Account deleted
Pretty awesome EP! Sure that the new album will be just as immense.

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