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Band: Warbringer
Album: Worlds Torn Asunder
Release date: September 2011

Disc I
01. Living Weapon
02. Shattered Like Glass
03. Wake Up... Destroy
04. Future Ages Gone
05. Savagery
06. Treacherous Tongue
07. Echoes From The Void
08. Enemies Of The State
09. Behind The Veils Of Night
10. Demonic Ecstasy
11. Sacrifice [Bathory cover] [limited edition bonus]
12. Execute Them All [Unleashed cover] [2008 version] [limited edition bonus]
13. (We Are) The Road Crew [Motorhead cover] [Japanese limited edition bonus]

Disc II [Century Media 25th Anniversary 2013 Reissue Edition]
01. Living Weapon [Live studio rehearsal]
02. Shattered Like Glass [Live studio rehearsal]
03. Future Ages Gone [Live studio rehearsal]
04. Treacherous Tongue [Live studio rehearsal]
05. Demonic Ectasy [Live studio rehearsal]
06. Total War [reissue bonus]
07. Combat Shock [reissue bonus]
08. Severed Reality [reissue bonus]
09. Prey For Death [reissue bonus]

Riffs that tear your mind apart, merciless pounding drums, soaring vocals and highly enjoyable solos all come to unite once again under Warbringer's latest effort, Worlds Torn Asunder. A merciless, brutal thrash metal attack that begins strong with its kickstarter "Living Weapon" and ends just as strong with the closer "Demonic Ecstasy", Worlds Torn Asunder is surely an album you cannot miss if you admire the new wave of Thrash, even if in the least sense of the word.

While this album contains high amounts of brutality and straightforward thrash, one also cannot ignore the technicality presented here. The riffs are well thought out and the solos are better than one would expect by long margins, but more importantly, there are some parts in this album where you feel you are not just listening to run-of-the-mill thrash; but a legendary band in the making on their way to create a masterpiece. For example, if you listen to the instrumental "Behind The Veils Of Night", echoes of Death's instrumental masterpiece, "Voice Of The Soul", may visit your head, telling you that this album is beyond basic thrashy mischievous fun.

Also to note, each song has a feel of its own and may be well enjoyable, and yet the album is tied all together by the distinctive guitar work, the clean, well-done production and John Kevill's great, thrashy vocal efforts. With tracks like the first two and "Treacherous Tongue", the pure thrash approach is well performed, while in tracks like "Savagery" and "Wake Up... Destroy", some of the progressive mastery, seen in albums like Overkill's "The Years Of Decay", may be found, and at tracks like the aforementioned instrumental you can witness pure musicianship and technicality.

On a side note, I have the Limited Deluxe Edition, and it contains two covers that are absolutely astounding to hear that I prefer them over the originals. "Execute Them All" and "Sacrifice" are perhaps one of the most well-done cover songs I've ever heard in my life.

However, as with any album, there are few flaws here that are worth mentioning or even noticing. Some tracks are just a little bit longer than they should be, and some of the production "techno" work can be annoying, especially at the ends of some songs on the track. Those flaws and the "not mind-bendingly awesome" excuse of our subculture's negativity nowadays may stand in the way of this album's ride to glory as one of the best albums of all-time, but this is certainly a more than decent album by any standards.

Recommended for anyone who likes thrash metal with some technicality.

Highlights: "Living Weapon", "Shattered Like Glass", "Treacherous Tongue", "Wake Up... Destroy", "Behind The Veils Of Night" (and absolutely the cover songs)

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 9

Written by Iron Nostarion | 30.10.2011


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All those x-factors that Evile's Five Serpent's Teeth lacks, Warbringer's Worlds Torn Asunder has in abundance; these guys know what makes fun thrash fun. Namely, the large helpings of pissed-offery, funness, brazenness, speediness, riffs, riffs, more riffs, and some more fucking riffs. When I put Worlds on I feel like hopping around, clawing at shit, throwing shit at shit, and beating shit to shit. And what else could you possibly want from thrash?

published 28.09.2011 | Comments (22)

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