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Abhordium - When Depravity Incarnates review


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Band: Abhordium
Album: When Depravity Incarnates
Release date: 2011

01. Cursed Phenomenon
02. Plague Upon Plague
03. Circulation Of Stygian Wings
04. Depravity Withering
05. Shadow Of The Horns
06. Dormant Mind
07. Chaos Mantra
08. Like the Ruins Betokeneth
09. Abyss Portal

Ever listen to one of those albums that, whilst listening to it, it's pretty satisfying, but deep down, you have a feeling that you're probably not going to listen to it again? When Depravity Incarnates is just that; it is a really solid death metal tantrum, but a year from now when I look through my CD collection, I'll barely remember the name Abhordium.

When Depravity Incarnates is one of those albums that comfortably straddles that line between being raw, while still having the menacing riff-work come through clear as a bell. If nothing else, it is a display of how muddy sounding production can actually be beneficial; the way the guitars, vocals and low end bleed into one another really gives it a cohesive, organic solidarity. Abhordium play death metal with great conviction. They really know what they're doing, it's a sound that really represents death metal in a great way. Yet it's not processed or forced sounding. It really sounds like a death metal album put together by people who love playing death metal.

That's about it. It's all nice, but Abhordium lack any real distinct pull. They cover a lot of ground with When Depravity Incarnates, but not a lot of ground with much significance. There's brutal parts, evil parts, and grooving parts. Everything done fairly well, nothing done extraordinarily.

Certainly not a band to disregard right off the bat as such, these guys definitely have the right idea. When Depravity Incarnates is an album that can float anywhere from an iffy 6.5/10 to a solid 8/10 depending on how intense your lust for death metal is at that moment, it just hasn't got that know...that extra punch in the sack, so to speak.


Written on 15.11.2011 by Former EIC. Now just a reviewer guy.


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15.11.2011 - 09:28
Troy Killjoy
If I have the time I'll see to it I fit this in before the end of the year. Maybe when I'm in more of a death metal mood though.
Prettier than BloodTears.
15.11.2011 - 11:25
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
Written by Troy Killjoy on 15.11.2011 at 09:28

If I have the time I'll see to it I fit this in before the end of the year. Maybe when I'm in more of a death metal mood though.

That's definitely the thing about this album. Some albums will put you in a death metal mood. Others (this one being a good example) you have to already be in a death metal mood to enjoy.
"I got a lot of really good ideas, problem is, most of them suck."
- George Carlin
15.11.2011 - 15:57
Account deleted
I love the cover. That caught my interest. Will check this one out.

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