Subway To Sally - Engelskrieger review


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Band: Subway To Sally
Album: Engelskrieger
Release date: March 2003

01. Geist des Kriegers
02. Falscher Heiland
03. Unsterblich
04. Kleine Schwester
05. Abendlied
06. Narben
07. 2000 Meilen unterm Meer
08. Knochenschiff
09. Wolfstraum
10. Verloren
11. Abendland

The first thing I have to say here is; No I can't speak German or understand it, it's like gibberish for me, and I'm not a fan of German lyrics either, well I guess "Rammstein" is ok, but that's all.
So I was very skeptic when I received this album, with the German singing band, "Subway to Sally". And it have waited a long time to enter my stereo, but nothing have happen before now, and believe me, I regret it a lot, this was much better than I believed it would be.

This isn't one of all new bands, which walk in the shadow of some older and bigger band, "Subway to Sally" has been releasing albums since 1994 and "Engelskrieger" is the bands eight release.
Hails from, early mention, Germany, Potsdam (near Berlin), for being exact, does this seven-piece band do.

Unfortunately I haven't heard anything from "Subway to Sally" before but I have read that the lyrics, from the earlier albums, contains a lot of Lord of the Rings theme, fairytales, but on this one, the Folk influences is gone, as I can here, there isn't any. Now it's pure reality, serious stuff, as I can hear too, in the music.

I can't say if the fit better in the serious stuff or the fairytale, but this serious stuff is really good. Hard, very hard, and that I like, pure heaviness is the best.
And the singing part is, somehow, a bit sad, at least, so it sounds, that together with the violin (handled by a lady) makes me thinking on the Gothic genre. (I didn't say it was Gothic, just that these two elements make me THINK of Gothic). It's really hard to but this guys in a genre, but Heavy (I mean heavy) Industrial should at least be close.

I guess that this will be hard for the fans of the older "Subway to Sally" to accept, that they have change their style and all, but I think that you will like this, if you don't have to high expectation on it.
'Cause this is a really good album, and it have going in my stereo for a several days now, oven and over again, and I'm still stunned by the heaviness, pure heavy.
Maybe it would have been little better if I understood what they was singing about, but even it I don't I'm quite satisfied by the vocal part and I think it fit's perfect to the music.
The only, not good thing I can find is the cover, it's pretty laughable.

Killing Songs: The heaviness might kill you. Well, there is a great album and all songs are great, but "Falscher Heiland" has a vocal part I know, Halleluja. And the slow song, "Verloren" is a micro bit better then the other.

Written by Malcolm | 02.08.2005


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