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Band: Angra
Album: Hunters And Prey
Release date: June 2002

01. Live And Learn
02. Bleeding Heart
03. Hunters And Prey
04. Eyes Of Christ
05. Rebirth [acoustic edit version]
06. Heroes Of Sand [acoustic version]
07. Mama [Genesis cover]
08. Caça E Caçador [Hunters And Pray Portuguese version]
+ Rebirth [video]

After the exit of Andre Matos, many opinions about Angra changed. Their first album with the new line-up, Rebirth, is a proof of that. Is a pretty good album, but not considered as good as the previous ones by lots of fans. And after Rebirth, Angra released this EP, Hunters And Prey.

The first four songs are masterpieces. Especially "Bleeding Heart", which is one of most beautiful songs I've ever heard and "Hunter And Prey", which reminds me of Angra's second album Holy Land due to the sue of some different instruments.

After these four jewels, two acoustic versions of two songs from Rebirth: "Rebirth" and "Heroes Of Sand". "Mama" is a song written by Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford, surely the most different (and kind of weird) song in the EP. The last song is "Hunters And Prey" (Portuguese version - "Caça E Caçador"). This will sound suspicious since I'm Brazilian, but this version is much more interesting than the English one.

The total running time of the EP is 38 minutes, better than many albums out there, and the booklet is all beautiful. Even for those who didn't like Rebirth, Hunters And Prey" deserves a chance. And for those who liked it, it is a must.

Written by Fierce Deity | 06.08.2005


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01.11.2008 - 00:11
Liver Failure
Exellent album.. great review.. only the rate could be higher.. Bleeding Heart is really a beautiful song, the acoustic versions of Heroes of Sand and Rebirth are also memorable, but the Portuguese version of Hunters And Prey is the best song.
If only every EP was like this one...

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23.02.2011 - 23:46
Nice release after the awsome Rebirth.

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