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Favorite bands: Forest Of Shadows, Novembre, Evoken, Mourning Beloveth, Worship, The Foreshadowing, Ahab, Esoteric, Funeral, Comatose Vigil, Consummatum Est, Les Discrets, Alcest, Ixion, Antimatter, Porcupine Tree
Favorite album: Forest of Shadows-Where Dreams Turn To Dust
Favorite song: Forest of Shadows-Wish
Favorite movies: Well, Basically I love movies, doesn't matter which or what types, depending on my mood I change the genre and watch them while I enjoy them, just what I do with music...
Favorite books: Osho's, Sadegh Hedayat's, Omar Khayyam's...
Personal text: Just love music as u all do.

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21.02.2012 GBR, Liverpool - Alcest + Les Discrets: European Tour Part I

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  2013 Officium Triste - Mors Viri
  2013 Mourning Beloveth - Formless
  2012 Doomed - In My Own Abyss
  2011 (EchO) - Devoid Of Illusions
  2012 Doomed - The Ancient Path
  2012 Antimatter - Fear Of A Unique Identity
  2012 Anhedonist - Netherwards
  2012 Shining - Redefining Darkness
  2012 When Nothing Remains - As All Torn Asunder
  2012 Indesinence - Vessels Of Light And Decay

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