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Favorite bands: Emperor, Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Carcass, The Obsessed, Arcturus, Electric Wizard, General Surgery, Mayhem, Alcest, Sepultura, Ghost, Moonsorrow, Absu, Opeth, Morbid Angel, Katatonia, Bloodbath, Entombed, Grave, Unleashed, Dismember, King Diamond, Nasum, Slayer, Megadeth, Wodensthrone, Celtic Frost, Paradise Lost, Gojira, Ulcerate, Deathspell Omega, Watain, Satyricon, Bolt Thrower, Anaal Nathrakh, At The Gates, Kreator, Slash, Myrkskog, Suffocation, Devin Townsend, Tormentor, Agalloch, Darkspace, Inverloch, Disembowelment, Alice Cooper, Wormphlegm

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03.11.2012 GBR, Leeds - Damnation Festival 2012
26.06.2012 GBR, Birmingham - Gojira: UK Mini-Tour
11.03.2012 GBR, Birmingham - Destroyers Of The Faith
21.02.2012 GBR, Liverpool - Alcest + Les Discrets: European Tour Part I
08.02.2012 GBR, Birmingham - Ulcerate + Svart Crown: Burning Winter - European Tour 2012

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  2010 Blind Guardian - At The Edge Of Time
  2006 Blind Guardian - A Twist In The Myth
  2003 Blind Guardian - Live [Live]
  1998 Blind Guardian - Nightfall In Middle-Earth
  1995 Blind Guardian - Imaginations From The Other Side
  1992 Blind Guardian - Somewhere Far Beyond
  2002 Black Sabbath - Past Lives [Live]
  1999 Black Sabbath - Black Mass [EP]
  1998 Black Sabbath - Reunion [Live]
  1995 Black Sabbath - Forbidden

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