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Favorite bands: Accept, Agalloch, Anciients, Angra, Atheist, Baroness, Bathory, Black Sabbath, Blasphème, Bôa, Botanist, Cacophony, Carcass, Celtic Frost, CHON, Cirith Ungol, Convulsing, Coroner, Covet, Cryptopsy, Cynic, Dark Tranquillity, Death, Elder, Excess, Fates Warning, Frank Zappa, Glacier, Gnaw Their Tongues, Gojira, Gorguts, H-Bomb, Heart, Heavens Gate, Heavy Load, Horrendous, Igorrr, Iron Maiden, Jason Becker, Judas Priest, Lamb Of God, Led Zeppelin, Lee Aaron, Lions, Madison, Malice, Marmozets, Massive Attack, Master's Hammer, Mastodon, Medieval Steel, Megadeth, Mercyful Fate, Meshuggah, Messa, Metallica, Morbid Angel, Night Verses, Nocturnus AD, Oracle, Orphaned Land, Pagan Altar, Pestilence, Pink Floyd, Racer X, Rainbow, REOL, Riot V, Savatage, The Seatbelts, Septicflesh, Simple Minds, Shok Paris, The Smiths, Sortilège, Slayer, Steffanie, Suffocation, Talon, Tarot, Tricot, TTNG, Ultra Vomit, Van Halen, Vektor, Virgin Steele, Voivod, Warlock, Warlord, The Who

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