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Favorite bands: Carach Angren, Children Of Bodom, Nightwish, Dimmu Borgir, Symphony X, Darzamat, Shade Empire, TOC, Arch Enemy, Kalmah, Eluveitie, Korpiklaani, Omnium Gatherum, Stormlord, Scar Symmetry, In Silentio Noctis, The Few Against Many, James LaBrie, Delain, The Wake, Epica, Ouroboros, Quo Vadis, Spawn Of Possession, Sirenia, Be'lakor, Miseration, Solution .45, Decapitated, 69 Chambers, Paul Wardingham, Diablo, Mors Principium Est, Amorphis, The Agonist, Soulfallen, Halestorm, In Vain, Survivors Zero, Fear Of Domination, Noumena, Deadlock, Lacuna Coil, Skyfire, Sylosis, Insomnium, Necrophagist, Kiana, Words Of Farewell, Conquering Dystopia, Rise Of Avernus, Sonata Arctica, Wintersun, Septicflesh, Nightrage, Dark Flood, Anterior, Leah, Enthring, Dark Sarah
Favorite album: Ouroboros - Glorification Of A Myth
Favorite song: Carach Angren - The carriage wheel murder
Favorite movies: Drag Me to Hell, BrainDead, Creepshow, Constantine, etc...

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  2012 Carach Angren - Where The Corpses Sink Forever
  2010 Korpiklaani - Ukon Wacka [Single]
  2011 Children Of Bodom - Was It Worth It? [Single]
  2011 Scar Symmetry - The Unseen Empire
  2010 In Silentio Noctis - Through Fragments Of Christianity
  1995 Symphony X - The Damnation Game
  1997 Symphony X - The Divine Wings Of Tragedy
  1998 Symphony X - Twilight In Olympus
  2000 Symphony X - V: The New Mythology Suite
  2002 Symphony X - The Odyssey

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