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Title: El Loco
Favorite bands: Reverend Bizarre, Ahab, Esoteric, Shape Of Despair, Anathema, Black Sabbath, My Dying Bride, Candlemass, Skepticism, Colosseum, Isole, Faal, Sunn O))), Shining, Earth, The Angelic Process, Lord Vicar, The Crown Of Yamhad, Orchid, Moss, Mgła, Dethklok, Below The Sun, Forest Of Shadows, Mournful Congregation, Funeral, Remembrance, Bell Witch, Longing For Dawn, Black Bile, Om, Yob, Cathedral, The Wandering Midget, Abruptum, The Gates Of Slumber, Electric Wizard, Type O Negative, The Gathering, Uaral, Doom:VS, Evoken, Acid Bath, Pentagram, Saint Vitus, Solitude Aeturnus, Nortt, Boris, Process Of Guilt, Clouds, Warning, Forgotten Tomb, Melvins, Disembowelment, Pagan Altar, Elysian Blaze, Acid Witch, Nadja, Eye Of Solitude, Funeralium, Solstice, Khemmis, Worship, Thou, Khanate, The Prophecy, Procession, Winter, 1000 Funerals, Forsaken, Count Raven, Argus, Depressed Mode, Catacombs, Wormphlegm, The Obsessed, Akelei, Ortega, Dark Buddha Rising, Heavy Lord, Cirith Ungol, Witchfinder General, Witchcraft, Church Of Misery, Cough, Graves At Sea, Herder, Inter Arma, Red Fang, Suma, Sunnata, Wo Fat, Abske Fides, Camel Of Doom, Hyponic, Ill Omen, Lycus, Mizmor, Self-Hatred, Suffer Yourself, Yhdarl, ARRM, Crowhurst, Horseback, Manunkind, Pylar, The Body, Ulver, Wolvserpent, Atomikylä, Eight Bells, Kypck, Lesbian, SubRosa, Monolithe, Messa, Summoning


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