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Title: Defaeco
Favorite bands: Distorted Harmony, Atheist, Brutality, Esoteric, Gigan, Mitochondrion, Meshuggah, Anata, Suffocation, Ulcerate, Orgone, Defeated Sanity, Lamb Of God, Mastodon, Intronaut, Agalloch, Haken, Baroness, Isis, Arcturus, Spawn Of Possession, Cryptopsy, Origin, Voivod, Pain Of Salvation, Neurosis, Symphony X, Scarve, Kreator, Autopsy, Death, Sadist, Coroner, Nevermore, Candlemass, Enslaved, Sleep, Devin Townsend, Entombed, Metallica, Gorguts, Opeth, Immolation, Sepultura, Baroness, Black Sabbath, Martyr, Anthrax, Electric Wizard, Testament, Exodus, Genghis Tron, Godflesh, Orphaned Land, Nasum, Cynic
Favorite album: The Gathering, Everything is Fire, Screams of Anguish, From Wisdom to Hate
Favorite song: The Odyssey, Withered and Obsolete, Raining Blood, Host, Leper Messiah
Favorite movies: Toy Story 3, Some like it Hot, Talk to Her, Ajami, Oldboy, Blowup, The Band's Visit, 12 Angry Men, The Dark Knight, Crimes and Misdemeanors...
Favorite books: Catch 22, The House of God, The Life Before Us, Four Meals, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, De Rerum Natura, Trauma and Recovery, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, Hyperion, Slaughterhouse-Five....
Personal text: Student - Philosophy & Computer Science.
I work for kids mostly (prepare and test for SATs).
Like morbid shit but still optimistic at the end of the day.
Nuclear War - Watch it :\

"If people can't think clearly about anything that has become part of their identity, then all other things being equal, the best plan is to let as few things into your identity as possible." - Paul Graham

"We are hard-wired by evolution to reason for the purpose of confirming our own a-priori opinions and convincing others we are right not for the purpose of moving our opinions closer to the truth. This is why critical thinking is so hard: at its roots, critical thinking is all about overcoming our human nature." - The Thinker - Learning Critical thinking

Bronowski (The Ascent of Man) on Auschwitz & Science

Attended events

30.05.2013 ISR, Tel Aviv - Enslaved: Live in Tel Aviv
16.03.2013 ISR, Tel-Aviv - Evening With Pain Of Salvation
25.11.2011 ISR, Tel Aviv - Agalloch
10.09.2011 ISR, Tel Aviv - Between The Buried And Me + Animals As Leaders
24.03.2011 ISR, Tel Aviv - Meshuggah
12.11.2010 ISR, Tel-Aviv - The Dillinger Escape Plan: European Tour
03.06.2010 ISR, Tel Aviv - Swallow The Sun
30.05.2010 ISR, Tel Aviv - Lamb Of God

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  2013 Abyssal - Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius
  2010 Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini
  2009 Bulldozer - Unexpected Fate