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Title: Underpaid M.D.
Favorite bands: Slayer, Exodus, Mar De Grises, Esoteric, Process Of Guilt, Kathaarsys, Opeth, Pensées Nocturnes, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Rhapsody Of Fire, Lacrimosa, Mourning Beloveth
Favorite album: Process Of Guilt - Erosion
Favorite song: While Heaven Wept - The Furthest Shore
Favorite movies: Don't expect me to be a fan of [Insert cool underground movie director here], if it's good, I may like it.
Favorite books: I'm not a huge fan of modern literature but I love to read almost any kind of book.
Personal text: I'm just a simple man, headbanger, atheist, M.D., and and some other inoffensive stuff. I can't survive even a day without music! I love Metal, but I'm quite open minded about some other different styles like Jazz.

I'm a huge Thrash metal fan, and in the past years I've been getting more and more into Old School Death metal, Doom, and some particular kinds of Black Metal, but even if sometimes I may seem like a douche, I'm quite open minded about anything related to metal, it doesn't matter if it's the cheesiest album ever, I'll give it a try.

Remember, if you find an album with a song that you can skip or that you consider kinda boring, then it doesn't deserve a perfect 10 score.

Great Mexican Bands:
The Arkitecht
Majestic Downfall
Vinnum Sabbathi
The Chasm
Terror Cósmico
Ticket To Hell
Infinitum Obscure
Lost Reverie
Annimal Machine
Strike Master


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16.11.2016 MEX, Mexico City - Black Sabbath: The End Farewell Tour 2016 - Latin America
30.10.2016 MEX, Mexico City - Mayhem: De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Latin American Tour 2016
15.10.2016 MEX, Toluca - Knotfest Mexico 2016
23.07.2016 MEX, Mexico City - Hell & Heaven Metal Fest 2016
22.03.2015 MEX, Cidade de México - Sonata Arctica: Latin American Tour 2015
18.10.2014 MEX, Mexico City - Exodus: Latin American Tour 2014
17.09.2013 MEX, Mexico City - Iron Maiden: Latin American Tour 2013
01.06.2012 MEX, Mexico City - Diablo Swing Orchestra: Latin America Tour 2012
15.10.2011 MEX, Mexico City - Alcest
17.09.2011 MEX, Mexico City - Metal Unite Us
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  2015 Ghost - Meliora
  2016 Anthrax - For All Kings
  2014 Sterilizer - Sterilizer
  2014 Isole - The Calm Hunter
  2011 Loss (USA) - Despond
  2012 Morbus Chron - A Saunter Through The Shroud [EP]
  2010 Morbus Chron - Creepy Creeping Creeps [EP]
  2010 Morbus Chron - Splendour Of Disease [Demo]
  1991 Slayer - Decade Of Aggression [Live]
  1985 Pentagram - Pentagram

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