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Twisted Sister, Atheist, Diamond Head, Mercyful Fate, AC/DC, Dream Evil, Black Sabbath, Sepultura, Ensiferum, Grave Digger, Insomnium, Hellwitch, Rata Blanca, Macabre, Stormwarrior, Metalium, Necrophagist, Obituary, Nevermore, Possessed, Primal Fear, Paragon, Rob Zombie, Sinister, Skid Row, Anthrax, Anvil, Disturbed, Nile, System Of A Down, Dark Angel, Death Angel, Fates Warning, Psycroptic, Incantation, Exhumed, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Skinless, King Diamond, Hate, Diabolic, Tierra Santa, Cannibal Corpse, Crematory, Alestorm, Amon Amarth, Funebrarum, Interment, Aerosmith, Hatebreed, Thunderstone, Hypocrisy, Alice Cooper, Amorphis, Def Leppard, Led Zeppelin, Quiet Riot, Benediction, Hate Eternal, Grave, At The Gates, Entombed, Vital Remains, Metal Church, Necrophobic, Suffocation, Malevolent Creation, Necrophagia, Crimson Glory, Angel Witch, Venom, Bolt Thrower, Demons And Wizards, Shadows Fall, Elvenking, Autopsy, Machine Head, Anata, Angel Dust, Bloodbath, Brutal Truth, Burzum, Dimension Zero, Eluveitie, Evergrey, Krisiun, Korpiklaani, Finntroll, Nasum, The Haunted, Manilla Road, Virgin Steele, Queensrÿche, Pig Destroyer, Torture Killer, Six Feet Under, WarCry, Stravaganzza, Cradle Of Filth, Soulfly, Katatonia, Old Man's Child, Carpathian Forest, Naglfar, Aborted, Mors Principium Est, God Dethroned, Averse Sefira, Satyricon, Obscura, Opera IX, Xasthur, Paradise Lost, Pestilence, Therion, Nightwish, Opeth, Epica, Agalloch, Anathema, Moonspell, Dying Fetus, Andromeda, Graveworm, Unleashed, Voivod, Black Label Society, Skyfire, Battlelore, Annihilator, Infernoise, Deeds Of Flesh, Vomitory, Ministry, Terrorizer, Celtic Frost, Darkthrone, Marduk, Turisas, Avulsed, Ragnarok, Seven Witches, Aes Dana, Coroner, Whiplash, Decapitated, Type O Negative, Nuclear Assault, W.A.S.P., Pagan's Mind, Bathory, Scarve, My Dying Bride, Within Temptation, Porcupine Tree, Moonsorrow, Enslaved, Mastodon, Ayreon, Draconian, Equilibrium, Apocalyptica, Meshuggah, Gojira, Dissection, Swallow The Sun, Tristania, Rotting Christ, Septicflesh, Arsis, Cynic, Soilwork, Sentenced, Lacuna Coil, Trivium, Orphaned Land, After Forever, Arcturus, Pain Of Salvation, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Sabaton, Guns N' Roses, Monstrosity, Dekapitator, Deep Purple, Brujeria, Cancer, Armored Saint, Divine Empire, Malignancy, Sirenia, Windir, Samael, Summoning, Witchery, Emerald Sun, Crowbar, Anorexia Nervosa, Vio-lence, Watchmaker, Haggard, Hirax, Derdian, The Crown, Ulver, Hellhammer, Falconer, Insision, Nocturnal Depression, Soil, Sarcófago, Circus Maximus, Divine Heresy, Bullet For My Valentine, Savatage, Minsk, Trauma, Lost Horizon, Prong, Skylark, Majesty, Acheron, Persefone, Danzig, Suicidal Tendencies, Pyramaze, Gwar, Beyond Fear, Yorblind, Immolation, Dope, Chimaira, Static-X, Chthonic, Abigail Williams, The Berzerker, Atrocity, Mortification, Imperanon, Massacre, Hearse, Aeon, Crisis, Kronos, Godflesh, Cinderella, Labyrinth, White Zombie, Discharge, Theatres Des Vampires, Powermad, Brocas Helm, Mezarkabul, Pentagram, 3 Inches Of Blood, Six Magics, Fantomas, The Black Dahlia Murder, Nightrage, Disarmonia Mundi, Spineshank, Toxic Holocaust, Deathchain, Evildead, Lazarus A.D., Vehemence, Municipal Waste, Oversoul, Reviolence, Dragonhammer, Demigod, Mystic Prophecy, Otep, Damageplan, Stone Sour, Coldworld, Mötley Crüe, Vile, Almôra, Mudvayne, Symphonity, Velvet Revolver, High On Fire, Defleshed, Absu, Liege Lord, Alogia, Dungeon, Novembers Doom, Tsjuder, Lacrimosa, Narnia, Keep Of Kalessin, Blood Red Throne, Impaled, Saratoga, Baphomet, Lordi, Candlemass, Astral Doors, Pain, Manticora, Galneryus, Centinex, Halford, Extreme Noise Terror, Dismember, Biohazard, Mortician, Cruxifiction, Black Crucifixion, Bruce Dickinson, Candiria, Nachtmystium, Dreamtale, Edenbridge, Before The Dawn, Brainstorm, Outworld, Fifth Angel, Communic, Repulsion, Neuraxis, Gardenian, Legion Of The Damned, Thanatos, Gorod, Devildriver, Holy Moses, Torchbearer, Nervecell, Impious, Luca Turilli, Requiem, Light This City, Severed Savior, Spiritual Beggars, Abaddon Incarnate, Illdisposed, Power Symphony, Ángeles Del Infierno, Bullet, Omnium Gatherum, Forbidden, Circles, Tang Dynasty, Stone, Tombs, Trollech, Dhishti, Lujuria, Evile, Stormlord, Transmetal, Warlock, Warbringer, Theatre Of Tragedy, Riot, Whitesnake, Exumer, Rage Against The Machine, Alcatrazz, Coal Chamber, Atrophy, Doro, Machetazo, Ratt, Demonoid, Blasphemy, Rainbow, Prosanctus Inferi, Tiamat, Graveyard Dirt, Ritual Carnage, Cathedral, Coliseum, Odious Mortem, The Project Hate MCMXCIX, Satan, Bestial Warlust, Woods Of Ypres, Titans Eve, Highgate, Twinspirits, Falkenbach, Catacombs, Angel Blake, Shining, Veil Of Maya, Empyrium, Pantheist, Menace Ruine, Putridity, Asesino, Mactätus, Judas Iscariot, Nargaroth, Satanic Slaughter, Anal Blasphemy, The Sword, Urgehal, Insurrection, Hollenthon, Crashdïet, Chaosweaver, Revocation, Dawn Of Demise, Blackguard, Nephesh, Enthroned, Hour Of Penance, Threat Signal, Fields Of The Nephilim, Attacker, Bile, Indian, Funeral, Primordial, Green Jelly, Moonlyght, Adorned Brood, Aeternam, Destroy Destroy Destroy, Mithras, Edge Of Sanity, Defeated Sanity, Disgorge, Be'lakor, Occult, Odious, Cancer Bats, Rabid Dogs, Medusa, Firebrand Super Rock, Arkan, Nocturnal Rites, Helevorn, Svartsot, Unexpect, Killers, Anaal Nathrakh, Wolf, Nocturnal Fear, Morbid Saint, Faith No More, Serpent's Knight, Törr, Michael Angelo Batio, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Glen Drover, Mar De Grises, Luciferion, Metalucifer, The Lucifer Principle, Universe217, Naildown, Spheric Universe Experience, Element, Azrael, Deströyer 666, Sanchez, Aurora Borealis, Aura Noir, Gospel Of The Horns, Conqueror, Razor, Razor Of Occam, Destruktor, Abomination, Diaboli, Diabolical, Absurdity, Hell, Týr, Origin, Tyranny, The Gathering, Alice In Chains, Winter, Metalforce, The Abyss, Agathocles, Chainsaw, Buckethead, Dumper, Lock Up, Graveyard, Diablo, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Esoteric, Sólstafir, Arckanum, Skeletonwitch, Black Tide, Arkona, Onelegman, Thrudvangar, Between The Buried And Me, Setherial, Sun Devoured Earth, Deafheaven, Morgoth, H-George, Attica Rage, Duff McKagan's Loaded, Ill Niño, Killswitch Engage, Ashes, Sevendust, Powerwolf, Mushroomhead, Saurom, Athena, Beethoven R., Obeisance, Pyrotoxic, Shadows Of Paragon, Kalisia, Into Eternity, D.R.I., Europe, Sickening Horror, The Sorrow, Krokus, Faces Of Bayon, Angizia, Hackneyed, Yob, Cattle Decapitation, Cadaveria, Highland Glory, Highlord, Alcest, Saturnus, Mourning Lenore, Exhorder, Beherit, Disfigured, Odd Crew, Horrorscope, Talamyus, Wyrd, HellLight, MurkRat, Vampillia, Ex Dementia, What Mad Universe, Barn Burner, Corpus Christii, Woods Of Desolation, Annotations Of An Autopsy, Gama Bomb, Versailles, Hallowed Butchery, Nominon, Infinite Horizon, Domine, Steel Seal, Elis, Protest The Hero, Misery Index, Fatum Elisum, Suicide Silence, Toxik, Zonata, MyGrain, Zombi, Diadema Tristis, Charon, Poisonblack, Pessimist [USA], Alastor, Method Of Destruction, Korpius, Sister, Tonic Breed, Intronaut, Devin Townsend, Strapping Young Lad, Zemial, Deinonychus, Black Wreath, Nunslaughter, Acid Bath, Agonizer, Combat Noise, Ancestor, Mordor, Zeus, Cadacross, Among The Mortals, Old Silver Key, Perversor, Sabbat, Timeless Miracle, Forest Of Impaled, Crow Black Sky, Septic Mind, Graveyard Shift, Artefact, Pungent Stench, U.D.O., S.V.E.S.T., Putrefy, Cephalotripsy, Severe Torture, Patologicum, Enthrope, Godkiller, Devian, Azarath, Agrypnie, Deviant Syndrome, Regurgitate, Kraanium, Abominable Putridity, Waking The Cadaver, Sanatorium, Wormed, Kataplexia, Benighted, Sathanas, Insidious Decrepancy, Holocausto Canibal, Guillotine, Holocaust, Holocausto, Engel, Schwarzer Engel, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Cult Of Daath, Deceased, Aenaon, Abstract, Abstract Spirit, Throes Of Dawn, Sleep, Ghost Brigade, Ghost, Necrodeath, Phantom Pain, Euphoreon, Lumsk, Caliban, Deftones, Defiled, Antropofagus, Disbelief, The Ocean, Lawnmower Deth, All Shall Perish, All That Remains, Shadow Gallery, Sonic Syndicate, Crimfall, Subway To Sally, October Tide, The Duskfall, Nightfall, Allegaeon, Gallhammer, Sick Of It All, Callenish Circle, Callisto, Evanescence, Mordor [Cub], Walls Of Jericho, Krallice, Madball, Hallows Eve, Evenfall, Penumbra, Riverside, Masterplan, Decrepit Birth, Daysend, Electric Wizard, Triptykon, Benighted In Sodom, Deathrow, Arakain, Painstruck, Sinergy, Thy Serpent, Griffin, Saattue, Vintersorg, Otyg, Pyramido, Spellbound Dazzle, Control Denied, Spiral Architect, Endless Main, Machinery, Darkest Era, The Belonging, Isis, Infernal, Infernäl Mäjesty, Catamenia, Byfrost, Blut Aus Nord, Kaamos, Corrupted, Hateform, Kotipelto, Owl, Demians, Malefice, Welicoruss, Demonical, General Surgery, Ceremonial Oath, Corrosive Elements, Symphonia Melonia, Faustcoven, Cain's Offering, Darksun, Triggerman, Havok, At War, Coram Lethe, Decadence, Izegrim, Postmortem, Hatesphere, Bloodsoaked, The Axis Of Perdition, Deathday 666, Green Carnation, Lord, House Of Lords, Lord Belial, Lord Symphony, Heavy Lord, Suidakra, Havayoth, Seth, Vulcano, Black Sun Aeon, Satan's Host, Nocturnal Breed, Myrath, Melechesh, Mortem, Messiah, Atrocious Abnormality, Nosferatu, Dark Gamballe, Noctem, Torsofuck, Leviathan, Officium Triste, Bilocate, Grim Reaper, Gris, God Seed, Chaos Divine, Scar Symmetry, Bong, Cannabis Corpse, Deathbound, Inexist, Bomb Scare Crew, Troll, Trollfest, Armagedda, Faithful Darkness, Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis, Cryptic Wintermoon, Warrant, Pagan Altar, I, Torche, Dischord, Celestiial, Alghazanth, Erebus Redemption, Foscor, Elegy, Symphorce, Decayed, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Djevel, Momentum, Profundae Libidines, Gorefest, Fleshgore, The Rotted, Life Of Agony, Starborn, SorrowStorm, Biological Monstrosity, Birth Of Depravity, Korgonthurus, Archgoat, Hellsaw, Voodoocult, Deadend In Venice, Cesspool Of Vermin, Corruptor, Vulvectomy, Lividity, Whorecore, Katalepsy, Lord Gore, Astral Carneval, Amputated, Amputated Genitals, Putrid Pile, Black Messiah, Human Mincer, Devourment, Visceral Bleeding, Ingested, Beneath The Massacre, Vomit The Soul, Deadsoul Tribe, Heaven Shall Burn, Argus, Sleestak, Hexen, X Japan, Elexorien, Sole Remedy, Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire, Senthil, Adramelech, Maximum The Hormone, Destroying Divinity, Natan, Procession, James LaBrie, Pestifer, A Forest Of Stars, Frostburn, Sarpanitum, Valhall, Graveborne, Against Tolerance, Wereworld, Fair To Midland, Scythia, Winterwolf, Massacra, Morbid, Melodious, Cenotaph, Flesh Consumed, Impetigo, Dethcentrik, Neonfly, Dissolution, Textures, Skálmöld, Lykathé, Nadiwrath, LIK, Nyktalgia, Vallenfyre, Taake, 1349, Nattefrost, In Lingua Mortua, Krypt, Skitliv, Den Saakaldte, Ov Hell, Anima Damnata, Xerath, As You Drown, Cirugia Macabra, Heaven And Hell, Prostitute Disfigurement, Mortuary, Moonfog, Exulcerate, Kratornas, One Man Army And The Undead Quartet, Abrogation, Guttural Secrete, Asphyx, Barón Rojo, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, Estertor, Ordalia, Angelic Power Force Redemption, Sunn O))), Craniotomy, Lobotomy, Calvarium, Insolitvs, Vesperian Sorrow, Maledicere, Vektor, Thy Catafalque, Ancient Bards, Smohalla, Theocracy, Harmony, Crowned By Fire, Splattered Mermaids, Shub Niggurath, Blastanus, 2 Wolves, Dwellers Of The Twilight, Drone Throne, Dakesis, Wolves In The Throne Room, Grimbane, Ecliptic Sunset
Personal text: My 10 Favorite bands:
2-.System Of A Dawn
6-.Dimmu Borgir
8-.Judas Priest
10-.Children Of Bodom

Attended events

01.11.2011 BOL, La Paz - Overkill
13.09.2011 BOL, La Paz - Blind Guardian: Sacred Worlds And Songs Divine [CANCELLED]
21.08.2011 BOL, La Paz - Destruction: Re-Scheduled Dates

Collection / Wishlist

  2003 Children Of Bodom - Hate Crew Deathroll
  2004 DragonForce - Sonic Firestorm
  1999 Avalanch - Llanto De Un Héroe
  1990 Judas Priest - Painkiller
  2004 Wintersun - Wintersun
  1986 Slayer - Reign In Blood
  1997 Dimmu Borgir - Enthrone Darkness Triumphant
  1986 Metallica - Master Of Puppets
  2001 Sonata Arctica - Silence
  1996 Stratovarius - Episode [Tape]