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Title: :D
Favorite bands: Punk And Blues Influenced Metal, Traditional/stoner Doom, Brutal Shit, Hanson, Elton John, Christmas Music, Old Shit Sung By Black People
Favorite album: Another Rosie Christmas - Rosie O'Donnell and Friends
Favorite song: Abba - Dancing Queen or maybe Streaks of Blood by Dying Fetus
Favorite movies: Weekend at Bernie's 2, The Lion King, Power Rangers: The Movie, Leprechaun In the Hood, Ewok Story, Space Jam, The Last Starfighter, Die Hard 2, Indiana Jones 1 and 3, Crocodile Dundee, Support Your Local Sheriff, Meteor Man
Favorite books: Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook
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All of the albums in my collection are bought. RED TEXT

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  2017 Abhorrent Decimation - The Pardoner
  2016 Dawn Of Disease - Worship The Grave
  2017 Aborted Fetus - The Art Of Violent Torture
  1999 Dekapitator - We Will Destroy...You Will Obey!!!
  2001 Deeds Of Flesh - Mark Of The Legion  | 8
  2017 Sarcasm - Within The Sphere Of Ethereal Minds
  2008 Decaying Purity - Phases of Dimensional Torture
  2016 Moord - Buried In Treason [Single]
  2015 Perverted Dexterity/Infinite Defilement split - Infinite Dexterity
  2015 Reduced - Gradually Executed
  2001 Dies Irae (Mex) - Naive
  2003 Korn - Take A Look In The Mirror
  2005 Dark Funeral - Attera Totus Sanctus
  2000 Carnal Forge - Firedemon
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