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Title: Soorena
Favorite bands: Early Mayhem, Windir, Arthemesia, Enslaved, Xasthur, Summoning, Judas Iscariot, Dissection, Beherit, Nortt, Krieg, Morgul, Acylum, Shining, Taake, Dark Fortress, Lord Belial, Nachtmystium, Einherjer, Wyrd, Nachtmahr, Rapture, Sun Of The Sleepless, Shade Empire
Favorite album: Live in Leipzig - Mayhem
Favorite movies: Inception - Mulholland Dr - The Dark Knight
Personal text: Everything here is so cold,
Everything here is so dark,
I remember it was from a dream,
In the corner of this time.
Diabolic Shapes float by,
Out from the dark,
I remember it was here I died,
By following the freezing moon.

Per Yngve 'Dead' Ohlin