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Favorite bands: My Dying Bride, Doom:vs, Opeth, Cradle Of Filth, Remembrance, Forest Of Shadows, Shape Of Despair, Officium Triste, Mourning Beloveth, Depressed Mode, Longing For Dawn, Sylosis, The Morningside, Inborn Suffering, Lethian Dreams, Hanging Garden, Before The Rain, Element Of Eclipse, Cold Blood, Ghost Brigade, Moonspell, Anorexia Nervosa, Bann, System Divide, Testament, Sonata Arctica, Blazing Eternity, Burning Colossus, Black Sun Aeon, Cathedral, Decemberance, High On Fire, Krief De Soli, The Foreshadowing, Therion, The Fall Of Every Season, Void Of Silence, Pantheist, My Shameful, Ataraxie, Morgion, Mournful Conareation, Evoken, My Silent Wake, Morphia, Paramaecium, The Drowning, Ablaze In Hatred, Necare, The Prophecy, Estatic Fear, Theatre Of Tragedy, Vesania, Riverside, Agalloch, Uaral, The Old Dead Tree, Skepticism, Silentium, Trail Of Tears, How Like A Winter, The Sins Of Thy Beloved, Funeralium, Agathodaimon, Funeral Mourning, Carnifex, Dark Funeral, Virgin Black, Satyricon, Stream Of Passion, Immortal, Antimatter, Katatonia, Saturnus, Draconian, Antagoria, Arcturus, Doom:VS
Favorite album: Alot
Favorite song: Feelings /Serpent's Embrace /Agathodaimon
Favorite movies: Alot
Favorite books: Aloooot