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Favorite bands: Hypocrisy, Swallow The Sun, God Dethroned, In Flames, Unleashed, Suidakra, Rotten Clarity, Myrath, Silent Kingdom, Kypck, Dismember, Gates Of Winter, Suffocation, Edge Of Sanity, Vomitory, Vinterland, Kronos, Abonos, Nokturnal Mortum, Summoning, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Death, Bolt Thrower, Sentenced, Necrophagist, Amorphis, Rotting Christ, Unanimated, Pathfinder, A Canorous Quintet, Gates Of Ishtar, Dark Tranquillity, Morbid Angel, Deaf Auditorium, Arrheton, Malpractice, Nihternnes, Children Of Bodom, Kalmah, Dream Theater, Dark At Dawn, Blind Guardian, Kälter, Crown Of Autumn
Favorite album: Ummm...
Favorite song: Don't know... :/
Favorite movies: The Omen: 666, Kill Bill, Terminator, Gladiator, Resident Evil, Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back, Rebound, X Files, Euro Trip... etc.
Favorite books: Dead Souls, Murder on the Orient Express, Death on Nile, Migrations pt. 1, The Government Inspector, Vargsmal, Mein Kampf, Anna Karenina, Man Who Killed Tesla... etc.
Personal text: Listening to all kinds of good metal (Technical Death Metal, Old School Melodic Death Metal, Blackened Death Metal, Progressive Death Metal, Symphonic Death Metal, Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal, Progressive Thrash Metal, Progressive Metal, Power Metal, Heavy Metal, Black Metal, Melodic Black Metal, Symphonic Black Metal...), Grindcore, Ambient, Darkwave, New Wave, Hard Rock, Classical, Neoclassical, Jazz, Blues, Ethnic Folk, Sevdah, Middle-Eastern music - shortly "GOOD MUSIC, and everything I like".

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