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Title: Odysseus
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Favorite bands: Matt Eliott, Mono, Tindersticks, Tom Waits, Madrugada, Shining
Favorite album: Dreadful Shadows - Beyond the Maze
Favorite song: Saviour Machine - Carnival of Souls
Favorite movies: Magnolia
Favorite books: 4.48 Psychosis
Personal text: The days of our future stretch out before us
like a row of little candles glowing
Little candles golden, warm, and lively.

The days of our past are behind us,
Spent candles in their mournful line;
the ones nearest are still smoking,
cold candles, melted, and bent.

I will not look back at them; their shape is sad,
It pains me to recall their first light.
I'll look at my lit candles ahead.

I'll not turn to look back, lest I see and shudder
at how fast the dark line grows longer,
at how fast the spent candles multiply.

Constantine P. Cavafy (1899)

Articles and blogs

10.07.2008 | 1 Obituary - Gagarin Club, Athens, Greece, 31.05.2008
23.05.2006 | 77 Defining Gothic Metal: The Truth And Lies Of The Scene
18.06.2005 | 0 On Thorns I Lay
12.05.2005 | 0 Anathema

Attended events

11.10.2008 GRE, Athens - Mourning Beloveth
31.05.2008 GRE, Athens - Obituary


  2005 Gehenna - WW
  1996 Gehenna - Malice
  1995 Gehenna - Seen Through The Veils Of Darkness (The Second Spell)
  1994 Gehenna - First Spell [EP]
  2011 Walk Through Fire - Furthest From Heaven
  2011 Aenaon - Cendres Et Sang
  2011 Wreck Of The Hesperus - Light Rotting Out
  2006 Wreck Of The Hesperus - The Sunken Threshold
  2011 Septicflesh - The Great Mass
  2010 Dark Fortress - Ylem

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