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Favorite bands: Death, Nevermore, Heathen, Trials, Vektor, Mindwork, Euphoria, Scar Symmetry, Fractal Gates, Fractal Universe, Enshine, Persefone, Luna Mortis, Once Human, Dimaeon, Divine Disorder, Obzidian, Ne Obliviscaris, In Mourning, Wintersun, Shadowblade, Statius, Eluveitie, Amon Amarth, Wilderun, Týr, Wardruna, Arctic Sleep, Falloch, Arbor, Nifrost, October Falls, Wolfchant, Dark Forest, Brymir, Keeper Of Dreams, MaYaN, The Interbeing, Unexpect, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Vintersorg, Arcturus, Yob, Agalloch, Todesbonden, Haggard, Kamelot, Epica, Serenity, Beyond The Bridge, Factory Of Dreams, Voyager, Luca Turilli, Luca Turilli's Dreamquest, Dark Symphonica, Echoes Of Eternity, Ebony Ark, Midnattsol, Evolvent, Draconian, The Vision Bleak, Moonspell, Paradise Lost, Tristania, Myriads, Novembre, Resonance Room, Dreamgrave, Estrum, Riverside, From Oceans To Autumn, Widek, Teramaze, Communic, Neon Synthesis, Fear Factory, Sybreed, Cyanotic, Mechina, Conflict, Marazene, Neurotech, Intervoid
Favorite album: This Godless Endeavor, A Rose for the Apocalypse, Symbolic, From Mars to Sirius, Demanufacture
Favorite song: The Quiet Storm, Dead World Assembly, Fear Campaign, Industrial Disapline, Mechanize, Controlled Dem
Favorite movies: Equaibrium, Mr Nobody, Spring, Absentia, A Dangerous Method, The Congress, Senenity, Snowpiercer, Dark City, Coma, Fight Club, Trainsp, Queen of the Sun, Fed Up, Midway, An Inconvenient Tooth, Oil&Water, Hot Water, Money for Nothing, Marketing of Madness,
Favorite books: Frankenstein, Let the Right One In, Neverwhere, Empire of Illusion, Clockwork Orange, Millennium Trilogy, Bourne Tril, Song of Ice and Fire, Wild, Dean Koontz's Frankenstein, Poe, S Plath, P K Dick, Orwell, Philosophy, Psychology, Raw Food Real World
Personal text: It is literally impossible for truth and negativity to coexist as a single subject, that is why the truth is referred to as 'Shinning the Light on a Subject'. Humanity has invented many different excuses for avoiding the truth, labels such as; brutal, flirting, negative, etc, but in reality they are all based on fear, and fear is the worst offender of causing other people pain. My mission in life is be me without barriers or boundaries in the way and fear is that barrier that holds most people back from being themselves. I seek out the deepest truth in all subjects and I hope to meet others with the same passion.


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