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Favorite bands: Lord Gore, Krisiun, Beyond Creation, Insidious Decrepancy, Benighted, Blood Red Throne, Cerebral Bore, DevilDriver, Goatwhore, Noctem, Torture Killer, Jungle Rot, Bloodbath, Arch Enemy, Gloria Morti, Offending, Behemoth, Visceral Disgorge, Heaven Shall Burn, Chthonic, Toxic Holocaust, As Blood Runs Black, Dying Fetus, Winds Of Plague, Cerebral Bore, Krisiun, Fleshcrawl, Divine Heresy, Shadows Fall, Dawn Of Ashes, Neuraxis, Lamb Of God, Hocico, Psycroptic, Revolting, Incantation, Mors Principium Est, Fleshless, Septycal Gorge, Origin, Viral Load
Favorite song: Lord Gore - Gastric Goremet
Favorite books: HAHAHA!!
Personal text: Hey people, I'm Dustin. My favorite type of metal is Death, but I listen to a variety of different music. Trying to get more into Grind and I've been listening to more Brutal Death lately. If you have any suggestions let me know! Also if you wanna check out my YouTube channel that would really help me out a lot and maybe you'll find some new stuff you haven't heard of. I try to upload something every week or so, check back in if you want to hear something different.

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  2010 Putrid Pile - Viral Load/Putrid Pile [Split] [EP]
  2008 Viral Load - Decade Of Deepwoods Debauchery
  2007 Viral Load - Hillbilly Whore Hackin Revival [EP]
  2006 Viral Load - Backwoods Bludgeoning
  2001 Viral Load - Practitioners Of Perversion
  1997 Viral Load - Brutalized Beyond Belief
  2011 Origin - Entity
  2008 Origin - Antithesis
  2005 Origin - Echoes Of Decimation
  2002 Origin - Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas

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