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Favorite bands: Equilibrium, Wintersun, Riot, Cathedral, Pain Of Salvation, Accept, Sonata Arctica, Danzig, Wolfchant, Testament, W.A.S.P., White Wizzard, Finntroll, Dionysus, Stratovarius, Moonsorrow, Manowar, Agent Steel, Venom, Wuthering Heights, Pagan Altar, Heidevolk, Domine, 3 Inches Of Blood, Iron Fire, Running Wild, Axel Rudi Pell, Demons And Wizards, Eluveitie, Saxon, Flotsam & Jetsam, Crematory, Vintersorg, Ensiferum, Iced Earth, Conception, Watchtower, Tokyo Blade, DoomSword, Witchcraft, Korpiklaani, Forefather, Helstar, Candlemass, Dalriada, Twisted Sister, Alestorm, Crystal Viper, Holy Martyr, Battleroar, Cirith Ungol, Cruachan, Highland Glory, Tengwar, Jethro Tull, Loudness, Satyricon, Saturnus, Deicide, Led Zeppelin, Immortal, Morbid Angel, Judas Priest, Jag Panzer, Týr, Dissection, Manilla Road, Spitfire, Omen, Children Of Bodom, Sinergy, Skyfire, Sentenced, Buck-Tick, Animetal

Attended events

22.07.2010 GRE, Athens - Loudness: European Tour
23.01.2010 GRE, Athens - Pain Of Salvation + Lake Of Tears
21.11.2009 GRE, Athens - Tankard
25.09.2009 GRE, Athens - Domine
27.07.2009 GRE, Athens - Rocking Athens Festival
29.06.2009 GRE, Malakasa - Rockwave Festival
28.05.2009 GRE, Athens - AC/DC: European Stadium Tour
07.03.2009 GRE, Athens - Crematory
07.02.2009 GRE, Thessaloniki - Kreator: Chaos Over Europe Tour 2009
12.10.2008 GRE, Athens - Holy Martyr + Battleroar
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