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Favorite bands: Draconian, Opeth, Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil, Katatonia, Swallow The Sun, Insomnium, Porcupine Tree, Rapture, In Mourning, Ghost Brigade, Black Sun Aeon, Dawn Of Solace, Sons Of Aeon, Shade Empire
Favorite album: turning season whithin By Draconian
Favorite song: New Moon By Swallow The Sun
Favorite movies: The butterfly effect, Donnie Darko, 1408, the nines
Personal text: To understand, I must become the fear
To prevail, I must become the enemy
To reclaim dominion,I must surrender to defeat
To rise to elation, I must fall into despair

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23.05.2014 | 100% UAE, Dubai - Dubai Rock Fest 2014

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  2002 Daylight Dies - No Reply
  2000 Daylight Dies - Idle [EP]
  2008 Daylight Dies - Lost To The Living
  2012 Daylight Dies - A Frail Becoming
  2006 Daylight Dies - Dismantling Devotion
  2010 Orphaned Land - The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR
  2005 Orphaned Land - Ararat [EP]
  2004 Orphaned Land - Mabool
  1996 Orphaned Land - El Norra Alila
  1994 Orphaned Land - Sahara

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