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Favorite bands: Pantera, Exodus, Destruction, Death, Sodom, Possessed, Slayer, Testament, Nile, Kreator, Overkill, Morbid Angel, Sepultura, Warbringer, Exhorder, Venom, Sadus, Sarcófago, Marduk, Immolation, Black Sabbath, The Exploited, Dissection, Onslaught, Forbidden, Heathen, Exumer, Atrophy, Vader, Nocturnal (ger), Ahab, Atheist, Cynic, Annihilator, Morbid Saint, Vektor, Mayhem, Bathory, Ripping Corpse, Witchery, Sacrifice, Voivod, Autopsy, Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Carnivore, Celtic Frost, Death Angel, Doom, Gojira, Jungle Rot, Korzus, Master, Obituary, Rigor Mortis, Slaughter, Terrorizer, Violent Force, Midnight, Angrepp, Vio-lence, Razor, Protector, Obliteration, Motörhead, Electric Wizard, Watchtower, Discharge, Deathhammer, Massacre, Evoke Thy Lords, Legion Of The Damned, Goatwhore, Hellhammer, Tragedy, Melechesh, Dark Angel, Sacrilege, Nocturnal (GER)
Favorite album: Bonded By Blood, fuckers!

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04.06.2016 | 100% USA, San Francisco, CA - Discharge: North American Spring Tour 2016
08.06.2016 | 90% USA, San Francisco, CA - Voivod: Post Society North American Tour 2016

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  2008 Excoriate - On Pestilent Winds
  2008 Proclamation - Messiah Of Darkness And Impurity
  1989 D.O.A. - Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbors
  2015 Vader - Future Of The Past II - Hell In The East  | 8
  2016 Exumer - The Raging Tides  | 8
  1977 Motörhead - Motorhead
  1998 Marduk - Nightwing
  2016 Protector - Cursed And Coronated
  1984 Dark Angel - Hell's On Its Knees [Demo]
  1985 Dark Angel - We Have Arrived

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