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Title: Combo Breaker
Favorite bands: 40 Watt Sun, Aaskereia, Abyssal, Acid Bath, Ævangelist, Agalloch, Ahab, Akercocke, Alcest, Alchemist, Altar Of Plagues, Anathema, Antimatter, Aquilus, Arcana Coelestia, Arizmenda, Ataraxie, Atoma, Atomikylä, Atrophia Red Sun, Black Breath, Black Wreath, Blindead, Blut Aus Nord, Bölzer, Carpe Noctem, Chaos Moon, ColdWorld, Cult Of Luna, Darkspace, Dead Congregation, Deathspell Omega, Devil Doll, Dragged Into Sunlight, Dråpsnatt, Drawn, Drastus, Duszę Wypuścił, Edge Of Sanity, Enshine, Enslaved, Entropia (POL), Evoken, Faal, Fall Of Efrafa, Fen, Forest Of Shadows, Forest Silence, Forteresse, Funeralium, Fyrnask, Gazpacho, Giant Squid, Gris, Impetuous Ritual, In The Woods..., Isis, Kauan, Kvelertak, Kyuss, Les Discrets, Longing For Dawn, Lurker Of Chalice, Lunatic Soul, Lykathé, Mar De Grises, Maudlin Of The Well, Merkstave, Miserere Luminis, Moanaa, Mord'A'Stigmata, Morgion, Nagelfar, Nails, Nest, Obscure Sphinx, Omega Massif, Ortega, Overmars, Pallbearer, Pan.thy.monium, Portal, Rhinocervs, Riverside, Rosetta, Saturnus, Saor, Seagulls Insane And Swans Deceased Mining Out The Void, Shape Of Despair, Solitude Aeturnus, Spectral Lore, Sun Of The Blind, Svartidauði, Tenebris, Tenhi, Terra Tenebrosa, The Angelic Process, The Great Old Ones, The Moth Gatherer, The Ruins Of Beverast, Thurisaz, Tombs, Triptykon, Uaral, Verdunkeln, Void Of Silence, Warning, Wolves In The Throne Room, Wyrd, Yob

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07.04.2015 | 30% POL, Poznan - Negură Bunget: TĂU European Tour 2015

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  2013 Tenebris - Alpha Orionis
  2013 Riverside - Shrine Of New Generation Slaves
  1986 Siekiera - Nowa Aleksandria
  2007 Riverside - 02 Panic Room
  2005 Riverside - Second Life Syndrome
  2005 Riverside - Voices In My Head [EP]
  2003 Riverside - Out Of Myself
  2007 Riverside - Rapid Eye Movement
  2010 Lunatic Soul - Lunatic Soul II
  2008 Lunatic Soul - Lunatic Soul

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