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14.04.2012 USA, Atlantic City, NJ - Clutch + Hellyeah: U.S. Tour
09.04.2012 USA, Philadelphia, PA - Opeth + Mastodon: Heritage Hunter Tour
01.02.2012 USA, Philadelphia, PA - Symphony X + Iced Earth: North American Tour 2012
03.11.2011 USA, West Chester, PA - Cynic: US Tour
13.10.2011 USA, West Chester, PA - Devin Townsend + The Ocean: North American Tour 2011
23.09.2011 USA, Philadelphia, PA - Opeth + Katatonia: Heritage North American Tour
17.07.2011 USA, Philadelphia, PA - Children Of Bodom: Ugly World Tour
21.04.2011 USA, Philadelphia, PA - Symphony X: North American Tour 2011
14.04.2011 USA, Philadelphia, PA - Accept + Sabaton
04.03.2011 USA, Atlantic City, NJ - Motörhead: The Wörld Is Yours Tour
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Latest Staff pick

Last Chance To Reason - Level 3

More than two years ago I highlighted the second level and now I'm back trying to serve as a pointer for this underrated album. With the disappointing new Cynic effort I find myself constantly returning to here, filling the void. Bye bye breakdowns, it appears the band is trying to distance themselves from the "core" label and present a more mature, intention-driven output. The cheese may be gone, but the fun remains the same. Subdued synths are more poignant when compared to 2, with the end result being a more balanced sound.
Cynic != new Cynic;
If Cynic || Between The Buried And Me || Protest The Hero rings true to you, listen to this album.

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