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Title: Wood Troll
Favorite bands: Burzum, Moonsorrow, Windir, Wintersun, Wolves In The Throne Room, The Beatles, Drudkh, Agalloch, Blind Guardian, Deathspell Omega, Immortal, Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Sunno))), Einherjer, Emperor, Ensiferum, Velvet Cacoon, Boris, Camel, Finntroll, King Crimson
Favorite album: Right Now - Velvet Cacoon "Genevieve"
Favorite song: Right Now - My Bloody Valentine "To Here Knows When"
Favorite movies: Amelie, Eternal Sunshine Of the Spotless Mind, Monty Python (anything), The Yellow Submarine, there are a lot more...
Favorite books: American Gods, Stardust, Neverwhere (Neil Gaiman), The Anti-christ (Friedrich Nietzsche)
Personal text: Music is the Nature within us

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