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Favorite bands: Nehemah, Crystalium, Judas Iscariot, Xasthur, Earthcorpse, Mortem, Belzec, Pest, Stormlord, Dawn, Inquisition, ..lots..
Favorite album: Reville Park
Favorite song: The Beach House
Favorite movies: SAW All of them and Lots of alfred hitchcock
Favorite books: Passion's language by Vargas Llosa
Personal text: I got sacks for sale in the land of Hell,
My enemies don't even get a chance to yell
In the black chevelle, with my man Miguel
Little pigs wanna put a playa back in jail
Stack my mail, where the masters dwell
Puffin' on Jane cause that's my gal
Never brag or tell, but I blast'em well,
I shoot more shots than Sam Cassell
Will, pick the chosen and form an alliance
Move in silence and gather all your clients
Corporate giants, or street science
Cookin' dope on a kitchen appliance
they try it,buy it, and put it in they diet