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Title: Yours Truly
Favorite bands: Sonata Arctica, Kamelot, Epica, Cain's Offering, Conception, Riverside, Nightwish, Seventh Wonder, Arrayan Path, Leprous
Favorite books: Dante Alighieri's 'Divine Comedy', George RR Martin's 'A Song of Fire and Ice', Somerset Maugham's 'The Moon and Sixpence'

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22.10.2015 | 100% ISR, Tel Aviv - Melodic Alliance Fest 2015

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  1985 The Doors - The Best Of The Doors [Compilation]
  2013 Týr - Valkyrja
  2008 Vic Anselmo - Trapped in a Dream
  2013 Sonata Arctica - Reckoning Night + Unia [Compilation]