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Favorite album: Somewhere In Time by Iron Maiden
Favorite song: Alexander The Great by Iron Maiden
Favorite movies: The Wall by Pink Floyd
Favorite books: A Song Of Ice And Fire by George R. R. Martin
Personal text: When the question is unfolded an answer shall be given!
Questions about my instruments won't be answered tough.

All messages is appreciated and will be read & answered within 24 hours!





22. JULY 2008 - Iron Maiden - Somewhere Back In Time World Tour
(with Avenged Sevenfold and Lauren Harris)

26. SEPTEMBER 2009 - Dream Theater - Progressive Nation 2009
(with Opeth, Bigelf and Unexpect)

05. JUNE 2011 - Judas Priest - Epitaph World Tour

14. AUGUST 2013 - Roger Waters - The Wall Live

28. JUNE 2014 - Iron Maiden - Maiden England World Tour
(with Ghost, Kvelertak and Sahg)

03. OCTOBER 2014 - Sivert Høyem - 2014 Tour
(with Tom R. Aadland)

13. FEBRUARY 2015 - Tenacious D - Old School Acoustic Style European Tour
(with Sasquatch)

22. SEPTEMBER 2015 - Øystein Sunde - 2015 Tour
(with Meget I Sløyd)

26. SEPTEMBER 2015 - Kamelot - Haven European Tour 2015
(with Gus G. and Kobra And The Lotus)

06. DECEMBER - Carola - Min Bästa Jul (Christmas Concert)

28. FEBRUARY - Dream Theater - Momentous European Tour 2016


Attended events

15.06.2011 NOR, Bergen - Judas Priest: Epitaph World Tour
26.09.2009 NOR, Oslo - Dream Theater: Progressive Nation European Tour
22.07.2008 NOR, Trondheim - Iron Maiden: Somewhere Back In Time World Tour

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  2015 Onmyo-Za - 雷神雷舞 [DVD]
  2015 Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls
  2012 Eluveitie - Live On Tour [Live]
  2012 Eluveitie - Helvetios
  2010 Eluveitie - Everything Remains (As It Never Was)
  2013 Onmyo-Za - 式神謳舞 [DVD]
  2007 Symphony X - Paradise Lost
  2003 Stratovarius - Elements Part II
  2003 Stratovarius - Elements Part I

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