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Title: MS necromancer
Favorite bands: Vassafor, Hell (USA), Blut Aus Nord, Ævangelist, Cruciamentum, Dead Congregation, Novae Militiae, Qrixkuor, Altar Of Plagues, Our Place Of Worship Is Silence, Summon, Chaos Echús
Personal text: Everything is politics. Music is politics. I am far, far out on the left. When it comes to metal I would like more woman black metal, more woman metal, more queer stuff, more metal from countries that are not known for playing metal. Ive listened to metal since the early 80s and I guess that I have some kind of progressive taste as I am still mostly interested in new ways of expressing metal. I have zero understanding for people who just listens to the same stuff over and over again, that makes me a bitch sometimes - get over it. I am not religious but if I was I would probably worship Lucifer. I have a daughter I adore. I am highly educated and I live on Åland Islands.


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