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Favorite bands: Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Mar De Grises, Pale Divine, Saturnus, Orphaned Land, Rosetta, Persefone, Seventh Wonder, Dream Theater, Sikth, Septicflesh, Orchid, Valfader, Agalloch, Radiance (FIN), Isis, Ulcerate, Deathspell Omega, Enochian Theory, Enslaved, Mr. Bungle, Marillion, Leprous, Ihsahn, Akphaezya, Xanthochroid, The Devil's Blood, Arcturus, Desire, Krallice, Subrosa, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Unexpect, Alcest, Subsignal, Mastodon, Sólstafir, Therion, Anathema, Ghost Brigade, Bathory, Altar Of Plagues, Sonata Arctica, X Japan, Royal Thunder, Karl Sanders, Igorrr
Favorite movies: Eraserhead, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Pan's Labyrinth, Lawrence of Arabia, Dark City, Sunshine, Moon, Blade Runner, Alien, Aliens, The Grey, Let The Right One In, Big Trouble in Little China, No Country For Old Men, Taxi Driver, The Big Lebowski
Favorite books: The Demon-Haunted World: Science As A Candle In The Dark

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21.05.2015 USA, Brooklyn, NY - Anaal Nathrakh: North American Tour 2015
30.06.2014 USA, New York City, NY - Agalloch: Serpens In Cvlmination Tour 2014
14.09.2013 USA, New York, NY - Anathema & Alcest: North American Tour 2013

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  2015 Ahab - The Boats Of The Glen Carrig
  2015 Symphony X - Underworld
  2015 Shape Of Despair - Monotony Fields
  2015 Guardians Of Time - Rage And Fire
  2015 Rosetta - Quintessential Ephemera
  2015 iwrestledabearonce - Hail Mary
  2015 Alkaloid - The Malkuth Grimoire
  2015 Leprous - The Congregation
  2015 Izah - Sistere
  2006 Wuthering Heights - The Shadow Cabinet

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