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Favorite bands: Hacride, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Septicflesh, Amon Amarth, Agalloch, Grave Digger, Iced Earth, Be'lakor, Krimh, Insomnium, Ensiferum, Iron Maiden, Amorphis, Opeth, In Mourning, Omnium Gatherum, Sólstafir, Enslaved, Slipknot, Grand Magus, Clutch, Ghost Brigade, Ghost B.C., Gojira, Edge Of Sanity, Rotting Christ, Eluveitie, Ex Deo, Sabaton, Helloween, Hypocrisy, Pyrithion, Illdisposed, Killswitch Engage, Kalmah, Dimmu Borgir, Katatonia, Kawir, Kryptos, Machine Head, Månegarm, Menhir, Týr, Mastodon, My Dying Bride, October Tide, Paradise Lost, Shade Empire, Sepultura, Sonata Arctica, Summoning, The Sword, Tiamat, Stratovarius, Darkthrone, Cult Of Luna, Sons Of Aeon, Alcest, Buckethead, Altar Of Oblivion, Aquilus, Blind Guardian, Death, Down, Before The Dawn, Korpiklaani, Suidakra, Crystalic, Finsterforst, Manowar, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Thy Art Is Murder, Finntroll, Riverside, Scale The Summit, In Vain, Deafheaven, Meshuggah, Entombed, Turisas, Wine From Tears, Agathodaimon, Anthrax, August Burns Red, Immolation, The Black Dahlia Murder, Orphaned Land, Amiensus, Prong, Sulphur Aeon, Caladan Brood, Carcass, Rosetta, Kataklysm, Mouth Of The Architect, Ulcerate, Falkenbach, Behemoth, Decapitated, Bathory, Blindead, Vulture Industries, Kvelertak, Witherscape, Moonspell, Labyrinth, Acid Drinkers, Ihsahn, Watain, Oranssi Pazuzu, In Solitude, Marduk, Vallendusk, An Autumn For Crippled Children, Deicide, Nile, Bloodbath, Dissection, Rivers Of Nihil, Windir, Obscure Sphinx, Skeletonwitch, The Meads Of Asphodel, Gris, Kreator, Suffocation, Wędrujący Wiatr, Ashes Of Ares, Wolfheart, Kauan, Hail Spirit Noir, Ade, Death Angel, Krisiun, Aenaon, Suicidal Angels, Shining, Battlecross, Scorpion Child, Grave Miasma, Neurosis, Borknagar, Neurotech, Ereb Altor, Dark Forest, Hannes Grossmann, Gorguts, Pelican, Ancient Ascendant, Mgła, Aosoth, Obituary, Wolves In The Throne Room, God Seed, The Great Old Ones, Obliteration, Autopsy, Candlemass, Triptykon, Dark Fortress, Terra Tenebrosa, Beneath, Spectral Lore, Infestus, Origin, Morbus Chron, Arkona, Hour Of Penance, Fallujah, Misery Index, Allegaeon, Woods Of Desolation, Panopticon, Slugdge, At The Gates, Pallbearer, Revocation, Beyond Creation, Abysmal Dawn, Black Crown Initiate, Falloch, George Kollias, Gormathon, Kronos, A Forest Of Stars, Bloodshot Dawn, Cut Up, Toundra, Kontinuum, Tempel, Ghost Bath, Entrails, Svartsot, Botanist, Cattle Decapitation, Fjorsvartnir, Alda, Dark Sermon, Fit For An Autopsy, Izah, The Lion's Daughter
Favorite album: Check the list
Favorite song: 2014 = Hail Spirit Noir - Oi Magoi
Favorite books: A Song of Ice & Fire, Lee Child series, Malazan Book of the Fallen, Black Company

Attended events

29.08.2015 POL, Warsaw - Massivefest 2015
12.12.2014 NED, Eindhoven - Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2014
17.11.2014 POL, Warsaw - Sólstafir: Europe Tour Fall 2014
17.11.2014 POL, Warsaw - Cannibal Corpse: European Tour 2014
07.10.2014 POL, Wroclaw - In Solitude: European Tour 2014
04.10.2014 POL, Katowice - Behemoth: Polish Tour 2014
16.08.2014 POL, Wrocław - Misery Index: European Tour 2014
29.04.2014 POL, Warsaw - Cult Of Luna & God Seed: European Tour 2014
09.03.2014 POL, Wrocław - Borknagar: Niflheim Festival Tour 2014
20.02.2014 POL, Warszawa - Immolation: European Conspiracy Tour 2014
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2015 ! Best/TOP For Me  | +2 31.07.2015
TOP Albums - 2014  | +5 08.01.2014
Favorites 2013 Albums  | +3 27.06.2013
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  2013 Oranssi Pazuzu - Valonielu  | 8
  2013 The Vision Bleak - Witching Hour  | 7
  2013 Witherscape - The Inheritance  | 9
  2013 Rage - LMO  | 7
  2013 Haken - The Mountain  | 4

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