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Favorite bands: Emperor, Opeth, Immortal, Dimmu Borgir, Enslaved, Darkthrone, At The Gates, Insomnium, Gojira, Katatonia, In Mourning, Carpathian Forest, Lamb Of God, Mastodon, Kvelertak, The Breathing Process, Drudkh, Odem Arcarum, Agrypnie, Mayhem, Watain, Nocturnal Depression, Alcest, Arckanum, Deathspell Omega, Katharsis, Taake, The Meads Of Asphodel, Fen, Negator, Sólstafir, Goat The Head, Bathory, Burzum, Inquisition


  1994 Emperor - In The Nightside Eclipse
  1997 Mayhem - Wolf's Lair Abyss [EP]
  1994 Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
  2006 Darkthrone - The Cult Is Alive
  1996 Darkthrone - Total Death
  1995 Darkthrone - Panzerfaust
  1993 Darkthrone - Under A Funeral Moon
  1992 Darkthrone - A Blaze In The Northern Sky
  1994 Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger
  2004 Deathspell Omega - Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice

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