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Favorite bands: Morgul, Bolt Thrower, Burzum, Stream Of Passion, Tiamat, Mourning Beloveth, Katatonia, Samael, The Gathering, Limbonic Art, Dark Fortress, My Dying Bride, Obituary, Opeth, Edge Of Sanity, The Vision Bleak, Ancient Wisdom, Cemetery Of Scream, Arch Enemy, Amorphis, Anathema
Favorite album: alot of them
Favorite song: alot of them
Favorite movies: Requiem for a dream


  1997 Edge of Sanity - Infernal
  2005 The Vision Bleak - Carpathia - A Dramatic Poem
  2007 The Vision Bleak - The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey
  2002 Mourning Beloveth - Dust Reissue
  1995 Anathema - The Silent Enigma
  1998 Anathema - Alternative IIII
  2009 Katatonia - Night Is The New Day
  2006 Katatonia - The Great Cold Distance
  1996 Katatonia - Brave Murder Day
  1996 Hypocrisy - Abducted

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