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Title: The Forlorn
Favorite bands: Obituary, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Annihilator, Overkill, Sepultura, Decrepit Birth, Psycroptic, Entombed, Morbid Angel, Carcass, Peste Noire, ZZ Top, Belenos, Alcest, Weakling, Mayhem, Psycroptic, Autopsy, Nevermore, Tool, Beherit, Katatonia, Lurker Of Chalice, Motorhead, Atheist, Down, Crowbar, Origin, Deathspell Omega, Ad Hominem, Marduk, Taake, Candlemass, Sigrblot, Bathory
Personal text: Slaughterhouse Worker
Interested in drugs, music and snowboarding.