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Title: patroiu_radu@yahoo.com
Favorite bands: Iron Maiden, Opeth, Metallica, Megadeth, Amon Amarth, Slayer, Death, Dream Theater, Black Sabbath, Nightwish, Judas Priest, Blind Guardian, Pantera, Dimmu Borgir, Agalloch, Kreator, Behemoth, Kamelot, Testament, Epica, Immortal, Lamb Of God, Tool, Eluveitie, Sonata Arctica, Rammstein, Therion, Sepultura, Mastodon, Gojira, Led Zeppelin, Dio, Within Temptation, Burzum, Anthrax, Paradise Lost, Exodus, Carcass, Meshuggah, Manowar, AC/DC, Bathory, Ayreon, Korpiklaani, Motörhead, Mayhem, Summoning, Ozzy Osbourne, Rush, Sabaton, Darkthrone, Alcest, Deep Purple, Orphaned Land, Haggard, Lacuna Coil, Alice In Chains, King Diamond, Accept, Alestorm, Scorpions, Windir, Mercyful Fate, Type O Negative, Guns N' Roses, Celtic Frost, Venom, Rainbow, Arkona, Black Label Society, Soulfly, The Gathering, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Ghost B.C., Saxon, Drudkh, Theatre Of Tragedy, Queensrÿche, Dethklok, Falkenbach, Skeletonwitch, Rage Against The Machine, Wolves In The Throne Room, Nine Inch Nails, HIM, Faith No More, King Crimson, Kyuss, Powerwolf, Running Wild, Danzig, Baroness, Carach Angren, Woods Of Ypres, Whitesnake, Cavalera Conspiracy, Mötley Crüe, Negură Bunget, Metal Church, Volbeat, Amaranthe, Heaven And Hell, Kvelertak, Jeff Loomis, Les Discrets, Ministry, Soundgarden, Chthonic, Dalriada, Haken, Månegarm, Queens Of The Stone Age, Clutch, Sólstafir, The Sword, Thin Lizzy, Airbourne, Uriah Heep, Diamond Head, Sunn O))), Saint Vitus, Pentagram, Theatres Des Vampires, Caladan Brood, Blue Öyster Cult, Dordeduh, Om, Melvins, Vulture Industries, Trouble, Grim Reaper, Conception, Stormtroopers Of Death, Obscure Sphinx, Slash, Witchfinder General, In Solitude, The Cult, Newsted, The Doors, Aerosmith, Suicide Silence, God Is An Astronaut, The Who, Gris, ZZ Top, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Kypck, Battle Beast, Wisdom, Wolfmother, Fleshcrawl, The Exploited, A Pale Horse Named Death, Budgie, Discharge, Magnum, Blue Cheer, Believer, Elf, Age Of Taurus, Cargo, Marțolea, Trooper, Iris, Argus Megere, Cadavrul, Satanochio, Altar (ROM), Celelalte Cuvinte, White Walls, Indian Fall, Syn Ze Sase Tri, Bucium, Dirty Shirt, Europe, System Of A Down, Bucovina, Tarja, Tribulation, Arch Enemy, Pellek, At The Gates, Stratovarius, Entombed A.D., ██████, Twelve Foot Ninja, Metsatöll, Serdce, Finntroll, God, After Forever, Porcupine Tree, Virgin Steele, Primus, Hatesphere, Dark Tranquillity, Machine Head, Stoned Jesus, Illuminati, Overkill, Amorphis, Enslaved, OSI, Descend Into Despair, Downfall Of Gaia, Anathema, Bloodbath, Angra, Bölzer, Rosetta
Favorite album: Dark Side Of The Moon - Pink Floyd
Favorite song: Agalloch - A Desolation Song
Favorite movies: The Godfather, Scarface, The Fountain, Deer Hunter, Requiem For A Dream
Favorite books: The Godfather, Lord Of The Rings, A Song Of Ice And Fire
Personal text: Do you ever feel awe when you look at how much music there is out there? You will never get to listen to all of it, even if you dedicated your life to it. The world's greatest album might be one that nobody listens to... and yet you sit here, listening to the same old songs that you know and you've listened to time and time again, feeling a bit afraid to jump into the unknown.

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22.04.2015 | 90% ROM, Timisoara - Behemoth: The European Satanist Tour 2015 - Part II
31.07.2015 | 80% ROM, Sibiu - ARTmania Festival 2015
12.08.2015 | 80% ROM, Rasnov - Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2015
20.08.2015 | 70% ROM, Alba Iulia - Dark Bombasting Evening 2015

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  2014 Northern Plague - Manifesto
  1981 Iron Maiden - Killers
  2012 Timpuri Noi - Deschide-ti mintea!
  2003 Anathema - A Natural Disaster
  2001 Anathema - A Fine Day To Exit
  1999 Anathema - Judgement
  2013 Bucovina - Sub Stele
  2014 AC/DC - Rock Or Bust
  2011 Rammstein - Made In Germany 1995-2011 [Compilation]
  2008 Metallica - Death Magnetic

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