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Favorite bands: Gojira, Opeth, Death, Metallica, Slayer, Death Angel, Judas Priest, Atheist, Cynic, Tool, Dream Theater, Nocturnus AD, Lamb Of God, Annihilator, Gorguts, Vader, Vektor, Voivod, Cannibal Corpse, Symphony X, Behemoth, Meshuggah, TesseracT, Nile, Venom, Obscura, Carcass, Mastodon, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Control Denied, Pestilence, Black Sabbath, Dark Tranquillity, King Diamond, Animals As Leaders, Gorod, Necrophagist, Bloodbath, Entombed, Machine Head, Rush, Nine Inch Nails, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Baroness, Alchemist, Edge Of Sanity, Textures, Hacride, Disillusion, Pantera, Napalm Death, Sleep, Katatonia, Negativa, Cryptopsy, Deicide, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Kreator, Sodom, Dan Swanö, Agalloch, Strapping Young Lad, Amon Amarth, Testament, Dethklok, At The Gates, Enslaved, Origin, Cattle Decapitation, Sadus, Coroner, Revocation, Kataklysm, Iron Maiden, Rage Against The Machine, Dismember, Watchtower, Blotted Science, Toxik, Realm, Anacrusis, Mekong Delta, Nevermore, Dark Angel, Pain Of Salvation, Target, Intruder, Behold The Arctopus, Dysrhythmia, Gnostic, Akercocke, An Abstract Illusion, Ne Obliviscaris, Persefone, The Levitation Hex, Mithras, Havok, Exodus, Possessed, Morbid Angel, Dissection, Psygnosis, Beyond Creation, Quo Vadis, Ulcerate, Alarum, Isis, High On Fire, System Of A Down, Insomnium, Witherscape, Kalisia, Exivious, Pressure Points, Augury, Decapitated, Liquid Tension Experiment, In Mourning, First Fragment, Black Crown Initiate, Vale Of Pnath, Derelict, Bilocate, Amorphis, Monstrosity, Illuminati, Ihsahn, Queensrÿche, Atrophy, Emperor, Immolation, Obituary, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Skeletonwitch, Redemption, Plasmodium, Goatwhore, Black Fast, Be'lakor, Battlecross, Power Trip, Artificial Brain, Cryptic Warning, Arsis, Bolt Thrower, Warbringer, Ikuinen Kaamos, De Profundis, Scar Symmetry, Barren Earth, The Ocean, Neurosis, Hypocrisy, Vital Remains, Abbath, Ancient Ascendant, Evile, Satyricon, Ulver, Rainbow, Ancient, Bathory, Pitbulls In The Nursery, Biomechanical, The Faceless, Spiral Architect, Immortal, Oceans Of Sadness, Portal, Krallice, The Mars Volta, Sadist, Outcast, Qutin, Extol, In Vain, Disaffected, Revolted Masses, Talanas, The Black Dahlia Murder, Cannabis Corpse, Mitochondrion, Gigan, Aborted, Sinister, Bell Witch, Aeon Of Horus, Alkaloid, Toxic Holocaust, Sunn O))), Martyr, Burn The Priest, Autopsy, Lascaille's Shroud, Psycroptic, Ouroboros, Allegaeon, Demolition Hammer, Vulcano, Unleashed, Acheron, Antediluvian, Angelcorpse, Aeon, Eternal Gray, Divinity, Darkane, Kenn Nardi, Empyrios, Konkeror, Abysmalia, Dark Suns, Slugdge, Aeternus, Anata, Antipope, Dysylumn
Favorite album: I Honestly have no idea at the moment. Like I have so many, and they change almost daily.
Favorite song: I Honestly have no idea at the moment. Like I have so many, and they change almost daily.

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