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Favorite bands: Therion, Haggard, Theatre Of Tragedy, The Gathering, Aesmadaeva, The Sins Of Thy Beloved, Buckethead, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Children Of Bodom, Draconian, Symphony X, Vai, Green Carnation, Savatage, Bathory, In Extremo, Echoes Of Eternity, Apocalyptica, Nevermore
Favorite album: Therion: Secrets of the runes, Green Carnation: Light of day..., Theatre Of Tragedy: Velvet Darkness
Favorite song: Green Carnation: Light of day.. The Gathering: sand and mercury, Theatre Of Ttragedy: venus
Favorite movies: the crow, house of flying dagger, ben-hur, merlin, blood ryne, terminator 2, saw 1 and 2, LOTR.....
Favorite books: Tale of Two Cities
Personal text: a person really has to know him/her self inorder for him/her to tell others what he/she is all about. but to be honest, i really dont know what, or who i am.

i just live my life, trying not to care what goes on around the world. but this world is just drowning in corruption, and violence. i try not to care, but how can i when i too live on this earth?

what do i do? i turn to poetry. i have been writing ever since i was 7ish, and im not bragging or anything, but i have a little fanbase. what do i achive from poetry? well i like to believe that i slap people back to reality.

we have way to many dreams on earth. if you dream, you arent really getting anywhere. if you are a realist, you are living your life, and you are helping others live theirs too.

and no, dont lable me as anything. if you dont know me, leave me under the 'unknown' category. they say that the world is a small place. but if there are that many really isnt. everyone should be heard.........


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