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Favorite album: Wolverine Blues
Favorite song: Demon
Favorite movies: Hill have Eyes
Personal text: That's my space
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Sodom,Destruction,Slayer,Testament,Terrorizer,Napalm Death,Carve,Those Who Bring The Torture,Revolting,Sinners Burn, cannibal corpse,Bloodbath,Demiurg,Gorfest,Dismember,Grave, Entombed,Edge Of Sanity,Acheron,Morbid Angel,Overkill,Rotting Christ,Aeon,Vomitory,Ministry,Prong, Asesino,Sepultura,Krisiun,Kreator,Katatonia,October Tide,Bolt Thrower,Misery Index,Vicious Art,The Project Hate,Unleashed,Behemoth,Vader,Decapitated,The Foreshadowing,Opeth,Moonspell,Monstrosity,Nasum,Blood Red Throne,dead congregation,FaceBreaker,At The gates,FaceDown,Therion,Obituary,Mercyfulfate,King Diamond,Sybreed,Sinister,Paganizer,Witchery,The Haunted,Vital Remains,Strapping Young Lad,Blood Red Throne,candlemass,Dan Swano.Edge of Sanity,Deströyer 666,Daylight Dies,Dellamorte,Diabolical Masquerade ... I like W.A.S.P, ALICE IN CHAINS, SNEAKER PIMPS, THIEVRY COOPORATION, HOOVEEPHONIC, DAMIEN MARLEY, ENIGMA, I like Chris Issak,Leonard Cohen


  2005 Aeon - Bleeding The False
  2008 Moonspell - Night Eternal
  2006 Moonspell - Memorial
  2003 Moonspell - The antidote
  2001 Moonspell - Darkness & Hope
  1998 Moonspell - Sin Pecado
  1996 Moonspell - Irreligious
  1995 Moonspell - Wolfheart
  1991 Sepultura - Arise
  1993 Sepultura - Chaos A.D
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