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Favorite bands: Arcturus, Mr. Bungle, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Origin, !T.O.O.H.!, Nile, ArthemesiA, Fantômas, Falconer, Týr, Suffocation, Dog Fashion Disco, Ulver, Mirrorthrone
Favorite album: La Masquerade Infernale
Favorite song: En Kungens Man
Favorite movies: Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Stalingrad, Old Boy, Inglorious Basterds, A Better Tomorrow II, The Killer, Ichi the Killer, Hard Boiled, Evil Dead, Rosemary's Baby, Night of the Hunter
Favorite books: The Mind's I, I am a Strange Loop
Personal text: How about I slap your shit?


  2004 Augury - Concealed
  2009 Gorod - Process of a New Decline
  1989 King Diamond - Conspiracy
  1988 King Diamond - "Them"
  1995 Faith No More - King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime
    Black Sabbath - We Sold Our Souls For Rock 'n' Roll
  1991 Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears
  1997 Angizia - Das Tagebuch der Hanna Anikin
  1999 Angizia - Das Schachbrett des Trommelbuben Zacharias
  2004 Angizia - Ein Toter fährt gern Ringelspiel

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