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Favorite bands: Thy Final Pain, Folkstone, Mael Mórdha, Dew-Scented, Kiuas, Lost Horizon, Rhapsody Of Fire, Amon Amarth, Keep Of Kalessin, Carach Angren, Symphony X, Eciton, Hour Of Penance, Primitive Graven Image, Ingrimm, Soulitude, Viathyn, The Vision Bleak, Byfrost, Fractured Insanity, ReVamp, Troll, Swashbuckle, Melechesh, Agrypnie, Augury, Dragonland, Kamelot, Angra, Mortor, Saratoga, Platitude, Demiurg, Thulcandra, Heljareyga, The Kovenant, Katra, Elysion, Metsatöll, Delta, Illidiance, Alister, Symfonia, Ancient Bards, Demonic Resurrection, Iron Savior, Lion's Share, Appearance Of Nothing, Wuthering Heights, Iron Fire, Lord Symphony, Eyefear, Anarion, Imagika, Nightmare, Acrassicauda, Valhalla [BRA], Communic, Valediction, Mekong Delta, Cruxifiction, Arsis, Anonymus, Firebrand Super Rock, Rebellion, Endless Main, Havok, Blotted Science, Argus, Savatage, Samael, Midnattsol, Euphoreon, Northland, Brymir, Tersivel, Arwen, Neonfly, Silent Voices, Furia, Myrath, Illuminandi, The Crown, Lost Soul, Bucovina, Aeternam, Waylander, Red Circuit, Civilization One, World Under Blood, As You Drown, Charred Walls Of The Damned, Soulfallen, Darzamat, Illogicist, Eyes Of Noctum, Pressure Points, Dyrathor, Vore, Scamp, Desultor, Hypocrisy, Overkill, Paradox, Be'lakor, Stalwart, Marțolea, Obscurity, Mencea, Darksun, Hibria, Soilwork, Liquorworks, Paul Wardingham, Noctem, Dyscarnate, Shade Empire, Voyager, Words Of Farewell, Cellador, Insomnium, Septicflesh, Eluveitie, Before The Dawn, Meadows End, Zonaria, Sylosis, Serdce, Allegaeon, In Mourning, Empyrios, Omnium Gatherum, Crimson Shadows, Unleash The Archers, Wolfheart, Blackthorn, Harmony, Ceremonial Perfection, Derdian, Battle Beast, Arbitrator (CAN), Evenoire, Leah, Sanctium, Caelestia, Feared, Mystic Prophecy, Black Crown Initiate, Angeldark, Voice Of The Soul, Saor, Paradise Lost, Mistur, Adagio, Gallowbraid, Ne Obliviscaris
Favorite album: Rise of the Phoenix - Before the Dawn
Favorite song: The Egoism - Fleshgod Apocalypse
Favorite movies: Hero, Bill and Ted
Favorite books: The Blade Itself, Swordmage (Blades of the Moonsea), Redwall, The Wheel of TIme, The Legend of Drizzt series,
Personal text: And by Unholy right, I do commit myself to this faith, this mission, and this righteous notion that no thing on this earth or any Otherworld can conquer the power of Metal.

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